Learn amazing Data Visualizations Practices using these top YouTube videos

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 28, 2019 | 9915 Views

In this article, we will go through some of the top YouTube videos on making your Data Visualization the most appealable and at the same time most informative. The practices taught by each of the following videos are simple yet effective. Often we commit the silly mistakes in Data Visualization which lead to wrong interpretation of the data, but with good practices and good techniques effective visualizations could be created in a lesser amount of time.

You will unleash the power of Tableau in this YouTube video through designing interactive visual displays and dashboards and taking advantage of best visual practices and visual perception. Tableau is one of the widely used software for Data Visualizations in the present time. You will learn in the video
  1. What is a Dashboard?
  2. Categorizing Dashboards
  3. Common mistakes
  4. Principles of Visual Perception
  5. Design best practices
MS Excel is the most commonly used software by any employee and its very easy to work in excel. But while it is easy to work in excel, it is difficult to create effective Visualizations in it. In this video, you will learn the most effective data Visualization practices in Excel with easy methods.

Noah Iliinsky, member of the IBM Center for Innovation and Visual Analytics, in this video discusses the broad design considerations which are necessary for effective data visualizations. Noah in the video explains the 4 major pillars related to Data Visualization:
  1. Purpose (Why are we creating this visualization? Who is it for?) 
  2. Content (What data matters? What relationships matter?) 
  3. Structure (How do we best reveal those data and relationships?) 
  4. Formatting (How does it look & feel? How will it be consumed?)

You will find the talk by Etan Lightstone in the video very useful in creating the most effective Data Visualizations for your data. The talk focuses on the following major thing essential for any Data Visualization.
  1. The design process for data
  2. Visual design patterns to follow
  3. Using the right charts
  4. Data mining, and cutting through the noise of very large data sets
Proper examples with good visuals are provided in the video which will be very helpful to you in deciding the right visuals for your data visualization.

Designing Data Visualizations is also a book by Julie Steele and Noah Iliinsky. The video describes the basic concepts in Data Visualizations that one should know before visualizing the data. Whether it is selecting the relevant data for your Noah Data Visualization or giving attention to dimensions and colors, the video describes each concept in a lucid way. If you are a book lover then you can also go for the book. It is readily available on Amazon. Otherwise, the video will prove the best to you.

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