Millions of Lives could be saved using Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 28, 2019 | 6441 Views

Big Data Analytics has the potential to save millions of lives in healthcare. In fact, it has saved. Using Big Data Analytics a number of patients' lives have been saved because it has become possible for health practitioners now to predict the chronic diseases of the patients with the help of smart predictive software. Also, using the past medical history of the patients, doctors now can easily predict what worse conditions the patient might have to face in the future. 
Using Asthmapolis, it is possible for health practitioners now to identify asthma trends and analyze asthma problems in patients

Before discussing in detail how Big Data Analytics can be used in healthcare, lets quickly define Big Data Analytics.
What is Big Data Analytics?
The study and analysis of a large number of datasets in businesses or in any sector to find solutions to the major problems is called Big Data Analytics. Using Big Data Analytics, businesses identify trends in the business and identify the areas of weaknesses that need proper planning and investments.
There are various ways by which Big Data Analytics can prove to be a boon in healthcare:

  • Better Solutions in Healthcare
With Big Data Analytics, Doctors and researchers now have access to a large number of datasets which contain the patients' past medical records. It then becomes easy for doctors to analyze the bigger health problem. Analyzing the problem at earlier stages makes it possible for doctors to come with a better solution rather than to identify the disease at the last stage. 

  • Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics predict future illnesses that might occur to a patient. With the help of the past medical history of patients, the software now can easily predict what illnesses might occur to the patient in the future. Accordingly, effective medication and strategic planning are done from the practitioners to cure patient health. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is such software which analyzes medical data and provides health practitioners and doctors the advice to make prescriptive decisions.

  • Better Hospital management
With Big data analytics, it is easy for doctors now when more staffing is needed in the hospital. Analyzing the large datasets that contain the medical records of the larger number of patients in an area or a zone, doctors and health practitioners identify the situations of more health issue and Accordingly staffing is provided to the hospital to cater to the emerging demand of patient healthcare. 

  • Doctors get Real-time data
With IoT and Big Data Analytics, real-time data of the patient is easily available to the doctors now through which doctors are alerted when the patient is in the urgent need of medical care. Accordingly, the proper medical care system is provided to patients who are at greater risks without any delay. This provides a better healthcare system for the patients. Also, by analyzing the past history and the real-time data, illnesses are approached quickly.

Source: HOB