Dive into the Complete Machine Learning Course from Scratch with this Video

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 28, 2019 | 6135 Views

Recent advancements in Machine Learning have taken the technology to the next level. Now we are surrounded by technology that not only performs human tasks but is also capable to understand us and communicate with us. This all has become possible with Machine Learning. With the help of Machine Learning smart assistants like Apple's Siri and Google' smart Duplex has been created which are not just adding value to our lives but are also making life comfortable. Machine Learning has the enormous power to create those robots for the future which steps humankind to the next generation world. In recent time, Machine Learning has become one of the most interesting fields of research. A number of opportunities have emerged in Machine Learning which has demanded its in-depth knowledge by Machine Learning enthusiast. If you are one of those enthusiasts who want to head start in Machine Learning field and learn the entire concepts lying underneath then you will find the present article useful. The present article refers to an amazing video by Edureka on the Complete Machine Learning Course. The video will serve the purpose of making you understand the entire concepts in Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?
The set of algorithms and models that the computer uses to perform complex tasks without the intervention of any human is referred to as Machine Learning. Machine Learning makes computer system appear intelligent like human beings. 
You must have heard about 'Sophia', the humanoid Robot which can interact with human beings and behave like humans.  All these things that the robot like Sophia does come through various technologies and  Machine Learning algorithms are also one of them.  Using Machine Learning computer systems learn and evolve over time to do complex tasks. Using a set of algorithms and Machine Learning models, researchers and scientists use Machine Learning to make the machine perform the worldly tasks.

About the YouTube Video
The above YouTube Video by Edureka takes you to the depth of Machine Learning which every Machine Learning enthusiast must know. As a learner, you should know the different types of Machine Learning that can be applied to a system. Also, you should have a sound knowledge of the various Machine Learning algorithms which are used to build intelligent systems. All these concepts are taught in the video with the best of the examples and the best of the clarity. The video will take you to a series of concepts, such as Linear Regression, Model Fitting, and Need for Logistic Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Clustering, Apriori Algorithm, and Market Basket Analysis. Along with these concepts, you will also develop the learning of the interesting concepts like Market Trend of Machine Learning, Machine Learning Life Cycle, Important Python Libraries, and Markov Decision Process.

Reward Maximization is the most interesting concept of Machine Learning where an agent discovers by itself what task it has to perform over time and what tasks it has to ignore. 
Using Reinforcement Learning, algorithms are applied to a system instructing it to perform the tasks when it gets a reward and rejects a task when it is being punished. All these concepts are elaborated in the video in the most amazing method that you will find the entire video very interesting for you. A lot of information is covered in the video which every learner must watch to gain an in-depth understanding of Machine Learning. I will personally recommend this video to every Machine Learning enthusiast.

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