How Beginner can gear up their Dream Data Science Project?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 28, 2019 | 8898 Views

Becoming a Data Scientist is not easy when there are so many skills you need to develop over time and a large number of datasets you need to work with. Data Science Projects will help you a lot in developing these essential skills with an experience to work with large datasets. Why it becomes important for any beginner to get involved in a data science project before landing in a job is due to the following main things that projects add on to your skills:
  1. It provides you an experience to work with large datasets
  2. It improves your skills in handling a project
  3. Makes your recruiter impressed that you have already dealt with good projects before
While there are countless benefits of handling a Data Science Project, choosing one of your own and getting started with it is the biggest hurdle that a beginner faces. If you are also one of those beginners who is also struggling to start your first Data Science Project and confused over with so much information available over the internet, then this simple guide will help you in fixing out that.

Step 1: Think over the Problem you need to get fixed
Before jumping to the internet or any other reference, sit down with yourself for some minutes. It may sound hypothetical but this is the best way to think about the project. often we are so influenced by the internet that without giving much thought to our mind we jump over to the internet for solutions and spend major of our quality time there and get frustrated with the bulk of information. The first step should always start with the mind and you should remember this. Jumping over to the internet is the next thing you should do. So, sit with yourself and think about the major challenges in your city, in your town or in your country. What is the major problem that the people are facing and how with Data Science can you fix out that? Think over about it again and again until you find a list of issues that can be easily solved with data science. Write down all these issues. They can become the topic of your next data science project. If you are successful in carving out the biggest challenges and think that they can be easily solved with Data Science then jump over to Step 2, otherwise step 3.

Step2: Do Research and Make a Complete framework 
Now, you are ready with many of the topics. Start working on them. I would suggest you to take the help of internet and online resources to find out how can you go ahead with one of these topics. There are a number of Data Science Projects available over the internet. You can easily look at those and get an idea of working with the topics. Make a complete framework of how will your project be like, what are the things you will be including in that and what are the major areas you will work on. Think about everything and design a framework. this will give you a direction during the entire project.  

Step 3: Take help from online resources
If you couldn't find any topic of your own and are still struggling with, then do not worry. There is nothing to worry about. The Internet has a vast collection of the various data science projects that you can easily pick any and start working on it. A variety of topics over a variety of subjects you will find over the internet. Select any related to your interests. Analyze how the creator has completed the project with that topic, what visualizations he has used, what points he had focussed on and how he had presented the entire project. Do not copy the entire project but take the idea. Take the idea of how can you handle the same project in an entirely different way, focussing the same challenge. Uniqueness should always be there in your project. as this is the only way by which you can learn.

Step 4: Do not Worry
This is the phase when you are actually working on your project and many times things will not go on the right path. You will find difficulties while working on the project. You might face some abnormalities while working on the project, but do not lose your hope. Difficulties come to make you stronger. Projects can be easily managed with your own caliber. This is the way you learn and these are the things that you will take in your job while working on big data science projects.

Step 5: Focus
This is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind while working on the project. You need to be focused during the entire completion of your project. You need to be very attentive. There should be no mistake while working. Also, you need to develop the habit of handling large projects in a relatively lesser amount of time and focus is the only thing that can make you do that. So do not lose it. The work of a Data Scientist involves Project management. and all the other business tasks. 'Focus' is the skill that will make you productive and at the same time will improve your work life balance.

I hope you find the above simple guide useful for you. I hope it helps you in gearing up your next data science project. All the Best.

Source: HOB