A Complete Beginner's Guide to Blockchain

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 27, 2019 | 7428 Views

It may not sound good but it's true that the most trusted Cryptocurrency- Blockchain is the most doubted today. When Blockchain has emerged as one of the most trustful decentralized systems for transactions and is going to be implemented soon by majority of the countries in the future (many countries like India have already understood the benefits Blockchain can provide and demand for its adoption in the nearer future), still there is a doubt in the usefulness of this technology by a vast number of people all around the world. 
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I have covered some of the best videos on Blockchain in this article which covers what a Blockchain is to the uses of Blockchain in various industries to give you a complete understanding of Blockchain Technology. The range of the video mentioned in the article will give you a broader idea of Blockchain technology. Also, as videos are the best resources to learn from, these videos are going to help you a lot. Also, refer to my previous article, which is part 1 on the best books on Blockchain for any learner - "These are the Best Books on Blockchain for every Beginner and Advanced Learner."

What is Blockchain by Shai Rubin
This is extremely simple and yet the most profound on clearing the basics of Blockchain. Shai Rubin explains in the simplest style of what a Blockchain is and gives a complete overview of the entire technology in just approx 15 minutes of video. I would suggest every beginner start with this video to get a glimpse of what a Blockchain is.

Blockchain: Massively Simplified; Richie Etwaru, TEDx Morristown
Richie Etwaru a c-level at a Fortune 500 Company, an author, the owner of international patents, and an experienced keynote speaker discusses Blockchain in the most simple way. Richie Etwaru is an adjunct professor of blockchain management at Syracuse University in New York and has delivered over 100 blockchain keynotes across the world. Learning from such an expert is like looking Blockchain from the perfect lenses. The insights he has provided in the video are very simple to be digested by any beginner or advanced. 

How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott
 Blockchain has an amazing power to transform the financial system. The decentralized benefit to the secured system that Blockchain provides has emerged as one of the game changers in the financial system. In this video, Don Tapscott explains how Blockchain can transform money, business, government and society and uncover many of the hidden aspects of Blockchain which are unknown to many of us. The mechanism by which a Blockchain works and what a Blockchain is being cleared by Don Tapscott in the video.

Learn Blockchain Programming (curriculum) by Siraj Raval
Siraj Raval, in this video, has devised a 2-month study plan to help you learn how Blockchain and cryptocurrency works. Any of the learners who want to get started with Blockchain can easily refer to this video. The video offers the complete routine with the most relevant links which will be very useful to you for understanding the complete scenario of the technology.  The description contains the link to the curriculum which will directly take you to the GitHub for the entire curriculum.

Blockchain Applications, Top 5 Decentralized Applications, By Edureka
While the above videos have taken you to understand the basics and the in-depth concepts of Blockchain technology, this YouTube video will take you to the 5 Blockchain applications that have been developed till date and will also teach you how traditional applications differ from Blockchain applications. This will provide you an insight into the different Blockchain applications. The video ill further teaches you how Blockchain applications are developed. So, you are going to learn a lot in the video and will develop an understanding of Blockchain applications.

How Blockchain can transform India By Jaspreet Bindra, TEDx Chennai
This TEDx talk by Jaspreet Bindra explains the powerful Blockchain and explains how India can use this technology to create the most amazing benefits. Whether it is agriculture or finance, Blockchain has so much power to give to India which he clearly explains with examples in the video. You must watch the video to gain a wider view of Blockchain. Jaspreet promises that Blockchain has the power to radically transform identity, agriculture, money, energy, governance, and pretty much everything else, especially in emerging countries. 

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