Crack Interviews: Top Frequently Asked Questions on Big Data and Hadoop

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 27, 2019 | 11148 Views

As companies need to deal with the Big Data every day, recruiters look for the skill of handling this Big Data in the potential candidates and questions on Big Data and Hadoop are the most frequent one asked by recruiters in the interviews.  For any candidate, Interview is the most important thing and so you do not get stuck in your next interview on Big Data and Hadoop questions, we have come here with the most useful video available on YouTube on the Frequently Asked Questions on Big Data and Hadoop. Whether you are preparing for a Data Science, Machine Learning or an analytics interview, you will find the video useful as the video contains the most relevant questions on Big Data and Hadoop which are very essential for any field.

Before going deep in the video and discussing the various questions mentioned in the video, lets quickly understand what a Big Data is?

What is Big Data?
The large volume of data that is available today from various sources like social media, healthcare, financial, telecom, etc. and which is continuously increasing in volume is called Big Data. The data contained in the Big Data is both structured and unstructured and so it is very difficult to explore these datasets and find useful insights from them. Processing these datasets is easier with the help of new software like Hadoop which does faster processing of these datasets.

A quick look at What a Hadoop software is?
Apache Hadoop is an open source software which is used to process big datasets across a cluster of computers. With the help of the MapReduce programming model, Hadoop provides for distributed storage and processing of big data. The storage part of Apache Hadoop is known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) which makes it a distinguishing and the promising software amidst many of the software available in the market today for processing Big Data.

The above video of Edureka mentions the most important and the Frequently Asked Questions on Big Data and Hadoop, such as:
  1. What are the five V's associated with Big Data?
  2. How Hadoop differs from the traditional processing system using RDBMS?
  3. What are the main Hadoop configuration files?
  4. Provide a method to overcome the problem of having so much small files in HDFS.
  5. What do you mean by High availability of a NameNode?
  6. Explain the process of spilling in MapReduce.

And many other practical questions as well related to Big Data and Hadoop. The video also provides the links to:
  1. Top 50 Hadoop Interview questions
  2. HDFS Interview questions
  3. MapReduce Interview questions
  4. Apache Pig Interview questions
  5. Apache Hive Interview questions
  6. Apache HBase Interview questions
A complete Hadoop playlist is also mentioned in the description, so if you want to learn about Hadoop, Big data engineer or Big Data analytics, you can directly watch numerous video lectures on it.
The video is very useful for any beginner or advanced who want to pace for the interview process. The detailed explanations provided in the video are simple and easy to understand.

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