The Exceptional Power of 'Cloud' in Education

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 27, 2019 | 6267 Views

Cloud Computing has its superb power in Business, no doubt! Almost every business today is leveraging Cloud to meet its desired goals in the most obvious ways.  Cloud has its amazing power in giving the businesses High Storage power, Low infrastructure costs, Security and high execution speed, but it would be wrong to conclude here that cloud can give its exceptional power to businesses only and only businesses can reap the benefits provided by the cloud. Education Sector too can leverage the power of the cloud, and in fact, leveraging the cloud to the best of the benefits. Monash University, the largest university in Australia uses cloud-only initiative supported by NetApp ONTAP Cloud with the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses the cloud to take Higher Education to the Cloud. Read the full story here, how Monash University is leveraging the power of the cloud.

Cloud can offer numerous advantages to the Education sector in the most amazing ways. Here the ways how the cloud can offer the maximum advantage to the Education sector. But, before that, if you are a complete novice in Cloud Computing, refer to my previous article on the basics of cloud "What is Cloud Computing? What are its Benefits? What are the Different Types?" so that it will be then easy for you to understand the benefits of the cloud.

Let's start exploring how Cloud can be a game changer in The education sector in the most amazing ways:

  • Can Store the huge volume of the Faculty and the students' data:
With the help of cloud now schools and big Universities can store the huge volume of their faculty and students' data in the cloud in the most secure way. Data is the biggest asset of any University and with cloud, there is no worry to store the data in the most secure place. Often universities and schools face the difficulty of storing a large amount of data through the conventional methods (because of the infrastructure in that data storage is to be managed by the respected school or university only) and the situation becomes worse when universities are always expanding. When a School or a university has more than one campuses with a large number of students and faculty, data storage is then a very important issue and that should be managed well. Thanks to the cloud that all these problems of Data Storage can now be effectively managed with it.

  • Universities can offer Education to the remote areas
Cloud offers remote access to users. With the help of cloud now Universities and schools can store the larger part of their curriculum in the remote servers and any student who cannot directly come to the campus can easily gain an education with the help of these curriculums. Students can easily access these curriculums and cover a larger part of their syllabus from their home, without coming to the far off universities daily. Just like you use Gmail for managing your e-mail from anywhere, students can gain access to their study materials from anywhere. The motto of reaching education to the far off places can be made possible with the help of the cloud.

  • Universities can expand their Education
Universities can now expand online with the help of cloud by providing their curriculum, Courses and study material online, which can be accessed from anywhere. With the help of this facility, now Education companies can expand their businesses online and can gain maximum benefits. Most of the Education companies today leverage this power of the cloud and running their coaching or the teaching online. These teachings are convenient to the students only and companies are also getting huge benefits. 

Cloud is going to be an exceptional part of the Education sector in the nearer future. Not only limited to the above benefits but it has the potential to offer infinite benefits to the education sector.

Source: HOB