Why PHP is so popular among PHP-developers for web-based application development?

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While the beginning was seemingly humble, PHP development in the modern world has attained epic proportions. In fact, it has evolved to such an extent that it forms the backbone of nearly 70% websites that grace the online world. During its early evolution period, PHP lagged behind in a number of areas. However, with an ardent team of developers and the open source community in support, it has emerged as the preferred programming language for all web-based development procedures. In fact, an increasing number of PHP programmers and developers are increasingly adopting the use of what is regarded in the industry as the "Language of the Web."

The present development industry looks upon PHP as a reliable, secure and robust development language that is capable of catering to the requirements of websites that are large as well as small with the list also including enterprise web requirements.

So what are the various features that make this language so popular among PHP developers when it comes to website and web-based application development? Let us take a look.

Use of data structures
The use of PHP arrays is extremely simple akin to the ordered hash tables. In order to create a data structure for a programming language, making it highly flexible and as simple as possible, while not compromising on its performance, PHP would be the ideal choice as a programming language.

It is specially designed for the Web
As has been pointed out earlier, nearly 70% of the online world and associated websites run on the PHP language. This extreme and rapid success of PHP is entirely down to the fact that this language was designed especially for the Internet so as to facilitate all related development processes. There is no need for any extra bootstrap functionality in order to make PHP functional on the web.

Sufficient amount of documentation
It has been observed on numerous occasions that when a new programming language is launched, it fails to carve out a niche for itself in the market. This is largely down to a lack of documentation that users can implement and, based on which, develop their applications. PHP is not a programming language that falls into this category as it has great documentation to go alongside. The Internet is also full of health resources, tutorials, and blogs that have been created by a community of PHP enthusiasts. This further adds to the popularity of this web programming language. Discussions on forums are a great resource for PHP developers from where they can get all the help they need with regards their development projects.

Use of standard libraries
This web programming language is loaded with libraries that are complete and consistent, and can also be effectively handled by the PHP programmers. It is helpful in performing low-level yet expensive operations while not involving as much of context switching as seen in some of the other programming languages.

Immense stability
Over the years, PHP has been worked upon time and time again. As a result, it is a highly stable language today powering most of the big brands and their sites around the Web. Facebook is one of the most popular web brands that run on PHP, handling millions of queries, messages and registration capabilities. The programming language is undeniably stable while it undergoes rapid adaptation for building websites of varying shapes and sizes.

PHP, undoubtedly, is fast gaining ground in the online world. Its open source nature is something that the developers can take great advantage of for creating web solutions designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses as well as enterprises. While there are no security concerns about the programming language, it is down to the PHP developers to integrate security into the applications they develop.

It can safely be said that PHP is the future as far as web-based development services are concerned. Tailoring it so as to suit the business requirements is an excellent way to start out with the next web-based development project.

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