Develop Concepts in Deep Learning today with this amazing YouTube Video

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 23, 2019 | 8106 Views

Before discussing the YouTube video on Deep Learning and understand several of the concepts explained by it, let's quickly look at What a Deep Learning understand its and understand its meaning.

What is Deep Learning?
Deep Learning is a part or subfield of Machine Learning which uses artificial neural networks to enable machines to learn and perform complex tasks without any human intervention. The idea of artificial neural networks came from natural neurons in humans.

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Why Learning Deep Learning is so important?
Whether its Colorization of Black and White Images, Character Text Generation or adding Sounds To Silent Movies, Deep Learning has its applications in the variety of fields that we never expected before. The use of deep neural networks in Deep Learning enables machines to learn and perform those complex tasks which are impossible by using simple algorithms. So Deep Learning finds its most relevance today. Even Self Driving cars also use deep learning to identify objects, take turns and moves while driving on the road. So you could understand how much important is for the learners in the community to understand about Deep Learning.

The above YouTube Video provides a conceptual understanding of the various concepts that are used in Deep Learning through simple and elaborative examples. The language used is lucid and also the teaching method is very simple to understand by any learner. Some of the key concepts discussed in the video are:
  1. What Is Deep Learning
  2. How Deep Learning Works
  3. Single Layer Perceptron (Early Deep Learning Models) 
  4. Single Layer Perceptron Examples 
  5. Limitations of Single Layer Perceptron 
  6. Multi-Layer Perceptron
  7. Multi-Layer Perceptron Examples
  8. Demo on Deep Learning with TensorFlow

TensorFlow which is the most used Deep Learning framework by the deep learning professionals today and is very popular among the community is also discussed in the video. The video explains the various Deep Learning concepts in detail with multiple examples using TensorFlow which are very relevant and important for any Deep Learning enthusiast. 
Anyone who is an enthusiast in deep learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks and TensorFlow from scratch can easily refer to this video. Also, the video is very important for beginners as well.

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I hope the above article proved you much fruitful in exploring much of the information related to deep learning.
All the best for your future endurance.

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