Some Best Cloud Computing Certifications in 2019 and why it is a necessity to take them?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 23, 2019 | 7203 Views

Certifications play an important role in deciding your career. In today's competitive world where there are lots of potential candidates for a single position and it is difficult to stay in the competition. One requires good sets of skills along with good qualifications to get selected, But, it is also noted that certification is the one thing that you cannot miss. Having a certification says a lot to your recruiter in the selection process. It won't be wrong if I would say a certification adds an extra flavor to your already gained knowledge that you have gained from your college. 
If you are someone, who is a beginner in the cloud and do know about the fundamental concepts in the cloud along with how it is beneficial for businesses, please read the following article on the fundamental of the cloud:
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Why there is a need for having a Certification?
  1. Industry Exposure: Certifications gives you an exposure to the work culture, makes you familiar with the work that you need to face in the future and prepares you to handle work and tasks which you may be unknown otherwise.
  2. Impression before the Recruiter: It gives a good impression to your recruiter when you already know the basic things which are essential for the job and keeps you a point away from the other candidates (which obviously will affect your selection process). A good impression is created before the recruiter when your resume already has some certifications.
  3. Sharpen your Skills: Surely a Certification sharpens and hone your skills and make you skilled in the key and the desired areas of work which are essential for the job by giving you fundamental knowledge with practical skills.
Some Best Cloud Computing Certifications in 2019

Having a high share in the cloud market, AWS is already a reputed name in the cloud market and is seen as one of the credible providers in cloud technologies. Having a certification from AWS cloud is like adding so many perks to your job as the certification from AWS will enhance your so much skills in the cloud which are required by the top organizations today. 
AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is for those individuals who want to build and validate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. This certification will help individuals in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles who work with the AWS Cloud.
What you will learn in this certification:
  1. Understanding of AWS Cloud
  2. AWS Cloud architectural principles
  3. billing, account management, and pricing models
  4. How to in the AWS Cloud
Before getting this certification from Google Cloud, you need to pass the Professional Cloud Developer exam which assesses your ability to:
  1. Design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications
  2. Deploy applications
  3. Integrate Google Cloud Platform services
  4. Manage application performance monitoring
The importance of this certification can be understood by the fact that it is given by Google Cloud which has also one of the biggest market shares in the cloud.

What you will learn from this certification:
  1. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
  2. Application Development
  3. Securing and Integrating Components of your Application
  4. Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform
CCNA Cloud certification is a certification which is focussed on job role and is much like a training program which helps cloud engineers, cloud administrators, and network engineers to develop, advance, and validate their cloud skill set, and enables them in helping their IT organization to meet changing business demands from technology transitions. There are no prerequisites required for this certification. You need to pass two exams to get CCNA Cloud certification.

What you will learn from this certification:
The fundamental concepts, skills and the foundational tasks related to cloud computing will be taught to you in this certification.
Also, you will learn the essentials of cloud administration and operations through this certification. 

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