How will Data Science and Data Scientists in 2030 be like?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 23, 2019 | 25116 Views

Data Science is buzz today, no doubt. A lot of hype is already there in the market for anything related to Data Science. A number of online courses providing learnings in Data Science, a lot of certifications are provided by different companies, a lot of suggested projects on the internet, a lot of blogs to follow on for Data Science, a lot of stuff, indeed. All this hype around Data Science can be accounted for the rise of Big Data. 

The recent rise of Big Data from social media and the online world have flooded businesses with a huge amount of data and a lot of work is now with businesses to gather insights from this data. According to International Data Corp. (IDC), worldwide revenue for big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions will reach by $260 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9 percent. It's a huge number! The number of companies adopting online businesses is continuously increasing and how can we forget about social media which is becoming more popular with each day. All these things are taking us into a future where Data Science will be the most demanded career.

Data Science will be the High demanding career in 2030
We are moving into a world where every section of the society will be covered through the internet, where every information will be easily accessed over the internet. Where businesses will be completely online and where the world will shift into a Digital World. Have you ever think where will that data go? How will the company take control of that data? How will businesses use that huge amount of unstructured data? Won't they require professionals for that?
Of course, Yes. Businesses and organizations will need professionals who can take control of their data and data science is the best field that everyone will talk about then. There will be a high requirement of Data Scientists and analysts and Data Science will be the most promising career in 2030.

Data Science will suffer from a huge skill gap
Already, companies are facing the dearth of skilled candidates. It was a recent report in India which stated that many of the analytics positions remained vacant due to the dearth in talent possessed by the candidates. The same can happen in the future as well when companies could face the lack of skilled candidates. In the future, it is a possibility that companies will majorly suffer from this skill gap in Data Science where there will be a lot of technologies to handle with, a lot of unstructured data to manage with and a lot of new software to work with and fewer professionals to deal all that. Skillet is going to be a major part in Data Science field.

This was about the future of data science. But, if we will look at the bigger question and will focus our attention on the role of a Data Scientist, how will the role evolve in the future? And what a typical data scientist of 2030 is like, we will come to the 2 conclusions below:

  • A Data Scientist will handle only the important tasks
Automation is slowly gripping every industry today. RPA and Physical robots have already been adopted by the majority of the industries in carrying out mundane tasks. Software robots will carry the majority of the tasks like data cleansing and data sourcing in 2030 which are done by many data scientists today. 
       In fact, the analyzing process will be half controlled by automation when data is sourced, cleansed, and transformed and finally, the essential data be presented into visuals with the help of software robots only. 
Only analyzing and finding out solutions to the bigger business decisions will be done by a Data Scientist and most of the time of a Data Scientist will go in taking big business decisions. A Data Scientist will be more productive than he is today (in terms of doing only important tasks).

  • Data Scientists will be the most skilled Professional in the organization
Technology is already advancing and reaching its heights at present. Think about the future when Artificial Intelligence will be at its zenith, machine learning is at its peak, the cloud will have gripped over the market and IoT has beginning to step into the majority of the industries. A data scientist will need the best of the skills whether it's technical or soft skills. 
As if now, many of the positions in Data Science have been vacant due to the lack of the skills possessed by the candidates. In the future where their technology will be at its zenith, a Data Scientists will require more skills than ever and recruiters will only look for those candidates who have rick technical and soft skills. Whether it's programming, statistical, software or communication, typical Data Scientists in 2030 will be the most skilled Professional in the organization.

Source: HOB