Big Data Analytics is the Best Career to Move on. Know How?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 22, 2019 | 17277 Views

Big Data is a buzz today and so Big Data Analytics! According to a piece of information from The big data analytics industry will reach a global market worth $40.6 billion by 2023.  The rise of the big data can be accounted for this rise. There is a need of the Big Data Analysts by the organizations today and the demand will continuously increase.
 Here are the top reasons why Big Data Analytics is the best career to choose today

  • The demand for Big Data Analysts is high
We are living in a Big Data world.  Every day organizations are flooded with huge amounts of data from various sources. Also, businesses are expanding giving rise to a lot of data to handle. Handling data is not easy when there is a lot of analysis that needs to be done on the data to find out some meaningful insights and these business insights are found out by Big Data Analysts who play a key role in the businesses in the handling of Big Data which is both structured and unstructured data. Dealing with both structured and unstructured data is also not easy for any analyst. 

  • Growing Future
Big Data Analytics has a growing future. The amount of big data is continuously increasing and will increase further in the future. The rise of social media, online world, online businesses can be accounted for this when businesses are continuously expanding online and the world is becoming a digital world. Due to this, Businesses will need professionals who can handle with their big data arriving from several resources and Big Data Analysts will be the only choice left to them, other than a Data Scientist. 

  • Key Role in Organization
Important of the Business decisions are taken in businesses after analysis of data and this analysis is done by a Big Data professional. So Big Data Analysts serve a key role in businesses by helping businesses in taking the big business moves and helping the organizations in reaching soaring heights. As a Big Data Analyst, you will serve as a key member in the organization, communicating with the key thinkers of the organizations, participating in important meetings and taking bigger decisions.

  • You can become a Data Scientist
Serving as a Big Data Analyst will open furthermore careers for you in the field. You can become a Data Scientist also. A Data Scientist is a person who finds insights from the big data by using some of the most useful tools such as Hadoop and programming languages like Python. Many of the works that a Data Scientist do has already been done by you, so by developing some more skill-set and with experience you can become a Data Scientist as well. There are many people in Big Data analytics who started their career as an analyst and evolved as a Data Scientist.

  • Learning is high
There is a lot of learning in Big Data Analytics. You will develop a lot of skills while working as a Big Data Analyst. The daily challenges that you will be solving with your analytical skills will enhance your decision making power. Also, the advancements in technology are high and there is always new software coming in the market making the processing of the Big Data easier. You will be learning a lot of new technologies that will develop your skill-set which is very important in this competitive world. It will make you prepare for the upcoming future as a Data Scientist or some managerial positions.

Source: HOB