Get started in Natural Language Processing with these Amazing Resources Available Online

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 22, 2019 | 10194 Views

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a very important field in the present time. Each of the human interactive AI assistants today uses NLP to decipher the human language. The smart of the Robots like Sophia works on NLP. AI assistants and machines need NLP to process natural language and so NLP is as important as any other technology today.  
If one wants to know the underlying concepts in NLP than it is always a better idea to take help of some useful resources.  How can we forget books and YouTube videos for that?
The present article is an amalgamation of some of the most useful books with some of the amazing YouTube videos available online which you can easily refer for NLP. The links are readily provided, so you can directly jump over your favorite resource, whenever you want to. I hope, these resources will help you a lot.
Let's start.

A lot of information is available on this book discussing the various concepts on NLP. Predictive text, email filtering, automatic summarization, and translation are discussed thoroughly in the book. Also, the book will teach you to learn how to write Python programs that work with large collections of unstructured text. Whether it is Analyzing linguistic structure in text or Accessing popular linguistic databases, the book is a complete package for anyone who wants to build conceptual knowledge and have a deep desire in developing the practical skills in natural language processing using the Python programming language and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) open source library.

Provided by edureka, this YouTube video covers a detailed knowledge of Natural Language Processing along with the various steps involved in processing the human language. Tokenization, Stemming and Lemmatization is some of the useful concepts along with Text Mining and Applications of NLP are discussed well in the video.

The book contains in-depth knowledge of the various theory and algorithms which are needed for building NLP tools. Statistical approaches to processing natural language are discussed thoroughly in the book which is quite prevalent in recent times. Some of the concepts like collocation finding, word sense disambiguation, and probabilistic parsing are also discussed in the book. The book provides a detailed understanding of the mathematical and linguistic foundations in NLP. The book is a good read, informative and good to start with.

The book is particularly meant for data scientists or developers who are new to NLP and teaches the methods of using PyTorch to build applications related to text specific. Examples and Illustrations are provided well in the book which makes the concepts more understandable to the readers in a lucid manner. The book requires you to have some basics in deep learning and deep learning frameworks. You will learn in the book:
  1. Traditional NLP concepts and methods
  2. Basic ideas in building neural networks
  3. Sequence prediction
  4. Designing patterns for building production NLP systems
And a lot more concepts to explore.

This amazing video by Siraj Raval will teach you how to build an NLP app that can either classify or summarize the text. The method is simply explained in the video and also the code for the video is provided in the description. So, if you are very interested in building one by yourself you can refer the code. The video is amazing and covers a lot of information. It must be watched by everyone.

Right from the introduction to the NLP, to the recent advancements in Deep Learning and neural networks, the video will take you in-depth of the various things that come under NLP. A complete overview of the NLP is discussed in the video which is informative for any beginner. The video also includes some quiz questions and is much more like an interactive video for you. 

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