Learn Hadoop, Spark and find out which is Best through these videos

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 21, 2019 | 6978 Views

The rise of Big Data has raised the necessity of the organizations to adopt technologies which are good at processing big Data at higher execution speed. Hadoop and Spark are the big contenders in that. Almost every of the organization today uses Hadoop or Spark to process their Big Data. So, it becomes very important for any learner or novice in the field to know about the two software and find out which one is best between the two.  For any Data Scientist, it has become critically important to be aware of the two technologies and skilled in either. But to find out the best between Hadoop and Spark, it is always a tough fight. Also, if we are not doing a comparison between the two then we must know which software contains which features that make it distinguished from another. Comparison makes a good sense in that. For your convenience of learning about these two software and in an entirely interesting way, we have come here with some of the amazing YouTube videos defining about Hadoop and Spark and comparing the two. 
Let's explore these videos and explore several features provided by this software.

This video by Edureka will tell you the basic concepts about  Hadoop and Spark and will help you to understand the differences between Hadoop and Spark. The comparison between Hadoop and Spark is done on the following factors:
  1. Performance
  2.  Ease of Use 
  3. Cost Data Processing 
  4. Fault tolerance Security

Also, the video provides you with the understanding of the use cases offered by Hadoop and Spark.

Provided by TechPrimers, this YouTube video gives you a detailed understanding of 
  1. What is Spark?
  2. What is RDD?
  3. What are DataFrames?
  4. How does Spark different from Hadoop
  5. Spark Example with Lifecycle and Architecture of Spark
With clear-cut bullet points, the video will provide an in-depth understanding of the Hadoop spark, RDD DataFrames and you will explore a lot of key concepts in the video.

On various parameters, Hadoop and Spark.are compared in this video of Simplilearn and you will understand the major differences between Hadoop and Spark which will help you understand which one is better over other on a particular parameter. Also, the video has some information about the Big Data and Hadoop Tutorials which will help you in learning about Big Data and Hadoop.

This particular video by Knowledge Powerhouse will compare Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop on various parameters such as Speed, Memory, and RDD. And will help you in differentiating the two software on various grounds. The video is easy, and simple to understand by any beginner as well.

Following two videos are particularly for learning about Spark and Hadoop. Explore these videos and learn in-depth about Hadoop and Spark to develop the key concepts.

This video is for any Beginner who wants to learn about Spark. The video will give you an overview of:
  1. History of spark
  2. Batch vs real-time processing
  3.  Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop
  4. Introduction to Spark, Components of Spark Project
  5. comparison between Hadoop ecosystem and Spark.
A lot of key concepts you are going to learn from the above video. So watch it carefully till the end.

This video will discuss some basic about Hadoop that are required by any learner to understand. Also, links are provided in the description of the video on some advanced videos on Hadoop which will give you in-depth knowledge about the Hadoop ecosystem.

I hope the above videos will be very helpful to you in learning about Hadoop and Spark. All the Best for your future.

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