How to Choose the Best Cloud Service for your Organization?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 20, 2019 | 8670 Views

Choosing the best cloud service for your organization is the necessity today. It was a time when the organization did not use to focus on the technology like that of a cloud but with the rise of big data and the expansion of businesses it has become prominent for every organization to have a vision for using the cloud computing technology in their business. There is a need for every business to use cloud computing technology as:
  • Cloud is efficient: No doubt, Cloud is efficient than the conventional methods of processing and executing business operations. Data stored on the cloud is processed faster than on any other storage system.
  • Cloud is secure: There is no worry for loss of data or hackers breaking into the confidential data of the organization with the cloud. Cloud services provided by cloud companies are secure to use.
  • Accessibility of Data: You won't be able to access your data from anywhere in the absence of cloud. Cloud provides businesses the power to access their data from anywhere and everywhere.
  • It cuts cost on business: Obviously cloud cuts and lowers business costs when using cloud Organization have to less depend on the various infrastructural and software costs.

Due to the immense benefits of using the cloud, it becomes critically important for any cloud to choose the best cloud service for themselves. But, choosing a cloud is not that much easy as it looks when there are multiple services offered by the cloud with the multiple of companies offering those. One needs to have a vision and a thinking process is required in choosing the best cloud service. 
There are some points which an organization needs to keep in mind while choosing a Cloud Service for the business. These are:

  • You need to have a strategy
If you think that you will afford to have the best cloud service without carving out a strategy for your organization then you are wrong. Choosing the best cloud for your organization to involve a good strategy from your part.

  • Identify the structure and requirements of your organization: You need to identify what type of requirements your organization has from the cloud. You need to identify the core areas that require attention and that can be best managed with the cloud.

  • Identify which cloud service you want for your organization: There are a number of services offered by cloud-like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Recovery as a Service (RaaS), etc. Identify which services your organization wants.

  • Estimate the cost incurred to your organization on leveraging cloud services: You need to estimate the total cost that will be incurred to the organization after leveraging cloud services. Keep in mind the term ??ROIs' (revenue on investments). The cost incurred by your organization should be well managed by your organization.

Note: If you are planning to leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) than you must have an estimation of the total costs that will be incurred after using SaaS and without using SaaS. You should know about the costs that are affordable for your company.

  • Identify the best cloud service provider from the market: There are many cloud service providers in the market like Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, Amazon AWS, etc. You should know about the services offered by each of the providers and should compare in choosing out the best for you.

  • You should be well known to the Security and T&Cs of Provider
You are going to use a technology that is going to take care of the entire data of your organization. Don't you think that you should be well known to the security system of your providers? Of course, you should have. You should be well known to the different guidelines of the providers. You should be well known to its risk management policy and several of the issues related to the security of its services offered by the cloud.

  • You should have a team of Professionals
Of course, a team of Professionals is required by your company to leverage the full benefits of the cloud. Professionals having detailed, conceptual and practical skills in cloud computing are needed to take care of the cloud services that are used by your organization. For this, hire a business professional who is skilled in dealing with cloud computing technology or employees having certification in cloud computing.

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