Why struggle for working in a Google as a Software Engineer? Some tips to easily crack the interview

By ridhigrg |Email | May 20, 2019 | 10365 Views

So this video will give you a glimpse of the experience of a man who worked at Google in Montreux as a software developer/software engineer for a little over a year. He says that his university wasn't computer science or Computer Engineering it was statistics. So, how he managed to get this job without a computer science degree.

He will explain the process he personally used step by step. so here six steps are presented that he personally used for getting a job at Google as a software engineer.

Step 1: He took a few programming courses during my summer break and that gave him enough technical basis to start learning on his own. After that, these courses were on programming basics and data structures and algorithms and they were taught using Java.

Step 2: He worked on a few personal projects, first of all, he used the website called project Euler to work on his programming fundamentals. Then first real personal project after that was going to be like the Reddit of Japan because nothing like ready existed in Japan at the time. So he built a simple prototype using a language called Ruby and it worked but in the end, he was actually too afraid to release it. Maybe he was too shy but still, he enjoyed the process a lot and he enjoyed learning a new programming language on my own too. 

Step 3: He then landed to his first technical internship, it was at a tiny start-up in Tokyo and it was as a software engineering intern. He was able to get that job partly because he had demonstrated without Reddit in Japan project that he was able to build stuff with Ruby and something called Ruby on Rails.

Step 4: Again more experience in the tech industry with a few more internships this time actually at Microsoft these internships were in something called data science and product management. He explained in a previous video he was able to get these internships thanks to the combination of my statistics background. His first technical internship as a software engineer and a few more personal project he worked on after the one he mentioned earlier. 

Step 5: He prepared for software engineering interviews he used resources like cracking the coding interview and lead code. He is going to put links to those resources below in case you're interested but he found that the most helpful thing he did by far for preparing for software engineer interviews was doing mock interviews with my friends practicing. He thinks it's really important and this is a point that's often overlooked the reason why it's so important is that at the end of the day your job interview whether it's technical or non-technical it's just a form of communication and just like in any other form of

Step 6: He applied to Google at least five times over the course of two years or so and in the end he had five separate interviews for five different positions at Google, he got rejected the first four times so he only got through the last one. It's very common for your business idea to keep failing one after another, but at the end of the day, nobody cares about the things that didn't work out any of those rejections. If you're going for something you really ant maybe it's hard maybe you get discouraged sometimes but keep going because eventually, you get there if you don't give up.

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