Finding Difficulty in choosing the Best Deep Learning Framework? Get help from these YouTube videos

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 20, 2019 | 38238 Views

It always a difficulty to build a deep learning model from the initial starting point again and again for various purposes. A Deep Learning Framework is best suitable for that. Using a Deep Learning Framework Deep Learning models are easily developed by the professionals without requiring to develop the models from starting. You can also take these Frameworks as the library providing the necessary architectures for professional to develop deep learning models easily. Due to such convenience provided by these frameworks, many Deep Learning Frameworks are popular in data science and machine learning for various purposes. For a developer its always a difficulty to choose the best Deep Learning Framework as there are so many for various purposes and there is always an ambiguity that lies in choosing the best.

If you are also one among them who is struggling to find the best Deep Learning Framework for building models than you need not worry because I have come here with the best YouTube videos on choosing out the best Deep Learning Framework for you. These videos compare top Deep Learning Frameworks and will surely help you out in choosing one. Let's begin discussing them. 

This video of Siraj Raval is best effective in choosing out the best Deep Learning Framework for you. Siraj, in his interesting manner, discusses the 10 deep learning frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow, MXNet, Chainer, CNTK, Sonnet, DeepLearning4J, CoreML, ONNX) across a wide variety of metrics which will make a developer understand why a particular Deep Learning Framework is better over other.

This video by Edureka discusses the top 8 Deep Learning frameworks that are important for you to learn and also give you an insight into the different features provided by these top 8 Deep Learning frameworks. Chainer, CNTK, Deeplearning4j, TensorFlow,  PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, MXNet are the 8 Deep Learning frameworks along with their different characteristics are explained very clearly and effectively in the video.

In this, another video By Siraj Raval 5 of the most popular deep learning frameworks (SciKit Learn, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, and Caffe) are compared. The pros and cons of each framework are discussed in the video very clearly which are to the point and a clear cut conclusion is made by Siraj Raval on using these 5 Deep Learning Frameworks of what to use when. It will give you a good understanding of selecting the best framework for you.

This video of Edureka particularly compares the 3 Deep Learning Frameworks- Keras, Tensorflow, and PyTorch. You will learn after watching this video
  1. detailed knowledge about Keras, TensorFlow and PyTorch
  2. which Framework is to be used for which purposes.
The video is informative and uses well visuals to make the learner understand the in-depth concepts lying in each framework.

I hope the above video provides you the insight of choosing out the best Deep Learning Framework for you. All the Best.

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