In-demand Careers in Artificial Intelligence with their Skill-set

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 19, 2019 | 8580 Views

The Best career is something, which
  • matches with your passion
  • is financially sable
  • and is in great demand in future.

While defining a career on mere these 3 points is not enough when there are other factors like work pressure, work life balance, office culture also involved in having the best career for oneself. But these 3 factors are the most important which are looked by everyone while choosing any career. While the first factor about passion is completely on your hands the other two factors of 'demand' and 'salary' are completely provided by a career in Artificial Intelligence.If you are someone who is thinking of developing a career in Artificial Intelligence, than I must say "You have chosen the best career for yourself". Artificial Intelligence is a growing field and is going to be in demand for the coming generations as well. According to an IDC report, By 2021, AI and cognitive spending will hit $52.2 billion.Refer to the following statement of Larry Page (Co-Founder of Google) and see how Google considers Artificial Intelligence as one of the most important technology for itself.

"Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted and it would give you the right thing. We're nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we're working on.", Larry Page.

If we will look at the career options than we will see career options in Artificial Intelligence are wide and an aspirant can found relatively large number of opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, provided he develop the right set of skills.

The present article discusses the 5 In-demand Careers in Artificial Intelligence with the Skill-sets required by them. This will be helpful for any who is interested into developing a career in the field. Lets discuss.

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  • Machine learning engineer
Machine learning is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, in fact a sub-field. AI- enabled systems uses machine learning algorithms, develop learning from example data-sets using it and execute complex tasks which requires minimal human intervention. A Machine learning engineer is highly skilled in Mathematics and programming and develop Machine learning models which are important in developing AI-enabled systems. The demand of Machine Learning engineers are high and according to a recent report by Indeed,  with an Average base salary of $146085, Machine Learning Engineer stood as the best job in the U.S FOR 2019.
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  • Data Scientist 
The action of finding insights from big data and in forecasting or predicting events has great relevance in creating Artificial intelligence systems. Data Scientists demand is continuously increasing and companies are looking for the skilled professionals who can help them manage with their big data. A recent report by Glassdoor stood Data Scientist as the Best Job in America for 2019. Read the complete report from here. 
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  • Computer vision engineer
The role of a Computer vision engineer becomes prominent in Artificial Intelligence as the technology is used in creating those AI- enabled system which can see and identify images like that of a human being. Smart machines and smart software have been developed which uses Computer vision technology to identify objects around. The smart facial recognition systems identifying and distinguishing human faces (china has used facial recognition system to monitor activity in classrooms) and the self driving cars which identifies objects in a road are the perfect examples of using Computer vision. 
Good Programming skills, Mathematical skills, Statistical skills are needed to become a Computer vision engineer. Conceptual knowledge in Image processing and pattern recognition is required by a Computer vision engineer.

  • Robotics Scientist
Not just in making the stereotype robots but the smarter and the intelligent ones which can carry out conversation with human beings, handle out complex tasks and learn and evolve with time, a Robotics Scientist is the one who is all behind creating the next generation robots. Robotics is an interesting field and have become more popular and amazing after creation of  Sophia, the humanoid robot. Robotics Scientist has a great responsibility of integrating technologies to make a complete robotic system that behave like human beings. Good mathematical, programming, technological and problem solving skills are the key skills possessed by any Robotics Scientist.

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