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By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 18, 2019 | 6444 Views

Further to my previous article on Best Books on IoT, this is the second part on the Best Online Resources to Learn IoT. You can refer to the previous article from here -"Master IoT with these Best Books Available Online".

IoT is a hot buzz in the Business today. The smart watches which can provide information related to a person's heartbeat and blood pressure to the smart cars and smart home appliances which can directly be controlled with our smartphone via internet, IoT has leveraged its potential to the business world in just a short span of time. In the coming years it is going to be the most used technology along with other hottest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The growing demand of IoT has obviously raised the number of job openings in it.
For an aspirant its always hard to choose the best online course. To help on that part, the present article describes the best online courses to Learn IoT. 

Here is the list of some best Best Online courses on IoT:

Internet of Things Specialization by Coursera
The course covers the necessary topics such as development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services which will make you develop relevant skills to designing IoT systems. The course provides with the lab sections as well which will make you well earned in IoT concepts. The course is practical and will be very useful t anyone who is keen in knowing IoT.

Complete Guide to Build IoT Things from Scratch to Market
If you are someone who is keen to Design and Build IOT products, than the course is meant for you. The course contains various concepts from using Arduino IDE from basics to learning to connect to cloud IoT Platforms. A lot of useful concepts are given in the course with the detailed understanding to give you a complete overview of how IoT products are designed.

Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform by Coursera
he course explain in details about Industrial IoT network architecture. The main focus of the course is on the Cloud side of IoT with the other useful concepts discussed in the course:
sensors and devices
  • scaling and device communication
  • processing of streaming data
Using BigQuery and Dataprep to gain insights into IoT data is the key learning that I found useful for me in the course.

Architecting Smart IoT Devices by coursera
This is the another course offered by coursera that I found very useful. After this course you will learn how to develop and architect an embedded systems device. The course is easy and understandable. A lot of useful concepts in architecting and in hardware and software components with their integration is provided in the course. The course is meant for anybody who is a key learner in IoT.

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