Which Programming languages are used in Artificial intelligence?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 16, 2019 | 18366 Views

The recent advancements in technology and the usage of Artificial intelligence in nearly every of the sector has given rise to its popularity all over the globe. No sector is going to be left without the use of Artificial intelligence in the coming years as already been seen when every sector is leveraging the technology to generate higher revenues.

Before diving deep into the various Programming languages which are used to create the intelligent AI enabled system performing complex real-world tasks, let's quickly understand what Artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial intelligence?
The technology by which machines and software are designed which can mimic human intelligence and perform complex real-world tasks without minimal human intervention is called Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has shown its amazing powers in the world today and is considered to be as the hottest technology of the century. Every sector from education to retail, from healthcare to finance is getting benefitted with Artificial Intelligence and it is estimated that the implementation of Artificial intelligence technology is going to increase in the coming years.

IPL (Information Processing Language) was the first language developed for artificial intelligence. The language included features to perform general problem solutions.

The other 5 Programming languages which are widely used today for developing AI enabled systems are:

  • Python
Python is the widely used Programming language for artificial intelligence. Most of the organizations use Python to develop AI enabled system as working on  Python is simple and also it contains packages for several of the applications including General AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Neural Networks. Due to the object-oriented and procedural oriented features offered by python, it is widely loved by programmers for creating algorithms. Also, the community support and inbuilt libraries in python make it preferred by most of the companies.

  • Prolog
Prolog is also considered a good Programming language when it comes to building AI systems. The programs in Prolog are expressed in terms of relations and the execution of the programs happens by running queries over these relations. The various tasks involved in the voice control system,  natural language processing and in many other relevant fields of study like automated planning are managed well by using Prolog. This also makes it well suited to build an AI system.

  • LISP
The second-oldest high-level programming language widely used today for building AI systems, Lisp was originally created as a practical mathematical notation for computer programs, The language offers unique features for the processing of symbolic information which is needed for cognitive tasks.
The source code is manipulated as a data structure in LISP. Due to its excellent features and support for symbolic expressions and a good library to built good AI systems, LISP is used by a majority of the practitioners today for AI systems.

  • Java
The wide popularity of Java is among the community of Programming languages due to its ease of use. Most of the beginners start their first Programming language by learning Java. The ease of debugging and the graphical representation of data provided in Java make it popular among the community. Also, the user interaction provided in Java is excellent. Java has its simplified framework which allows the handling and managing of large projects as in creating AI systems easier.

  • Haskell
Haskell is considered as one of the good languages to create AI enabled systems. The language offers a good way of expressing the algorithms. And is widely used in AI today. The efficient libraries in the language with the salient features of expressing the non-deterministic algorithms make it a popular language for AI. 

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