Learning to create a chatbot? Follow this YouTube video

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 15, 2019 | 8052 Views

Chatbots are of immense importance in the present times where using chatbots majority of the tasks in the companies like promotional campaigns, branding, customer services and queries are easily handled using chatbots. The adoption of chatbots has significantly increased in recent times due to the usage of chatbots in several business domains. 

Almost every of the company whether it's a startup or a tech giant, and every of the sector whether its a healthcare using chatbots to assist patients in timely care and diagnosis or business providing assistance to its customers through customer service calls are using chatbots to leverage its full potential.

A company's growth is largely depended on whether it is using a chatbot for the repetitive processes in business or not. Repetitive processes in businesses are often boring and unproductive for potential employees. A chatbot is perfect for these unproductive tasks. 

Why Chatbots have become greater importance to the business and why every business is trying to adopt chatbot is because of its several salient features. Some of them are explained below: 
  • Chatbots are Readily available 24*7 hours for the customers. So there is no waiting hour and time gap for a chatbot to respond to a customer and answer to his queries. This greatly improves the customer satisfaction of businesses.
  • A chatbot is more efficient than a human worker as its a machine working with the same consistent energy for hours which is not possible for a human worker to do the same. 
  • It increases the productivity of the business and increases operational efficiency.

If you are trying to build a chatbot for your organization which can significantly help the organization in increasing the customer interaction or for any specific task you want the chatbot to do, try to create it today with the above YouTube video. 
The video is readily available on YouTube.
  • Successive 9 Youtube lecture are provided for creating a chatbot using Deep Learning, Python, and TensorFlow (I have given the link of the first video, you will get the remaining others by simply clicking to this first video)
  • Concepts are explained  with good visuals and coding in these lectures which are easy to learn by any learner having: 
  1. having some background in Programming languages.
  2. Good knowledge of TensorFlow and its various concepts.
  3. Good conceptual knowledge in Deep Learning.
"The use of Artificial Neural Networks in making machines learn to execute complex tasks without human intervention is called Deep Learning. The learnings gather from Deep Learning are significantly used to achieve amazing results.  Self Driving cars are the best examples of using Deep Learning."
  • Codes are also provided at the description of the video, so if you are having any trouble seeing and understanding the code you can refer.
  • Buffering Datasets,  Determining insert, Building Database, training a model are some of the concepts explained in the videos.
  • The videos are short but knowledgeable and effective to learn and build concepts.
Creating chatbots is easy with this tutorial. Subscribe and explore!

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