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By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 14, 2019 | 6639 Views

The vast applications in Automation, Robotics, Healthcare and in Retail - Artificial Intelligence is giving the world all its fruits with all its hands. AI has proved itself boon for the society in recent years, for the businesses and for the world- no doubt! The powerful use of AI came into the bigger picture when AI did not limit itself to the businesses but helped with its powerful technology to save humanity. The recent research and studies of how AI can predict disasters and solve climate problems were surprising to so many of us. 

With all such wide applications and uses of AI, Don't you think that in the coming years AI is going to be used in nearly each and every SECTOR? And don't you think that with such its powerful usage a demand to learn AI comes into the bigger picture?

As if there are many platforms to learn AI, but what I found with many platforms that most of them are not free, you have to pay some penny and the second, the most important- "ambiguity still lies over concepts." Often the concepts that are told are a bit confusing to the learners (what most learners told me).

I recently encountered with Google AI page that Google has made accessible to all the general public for imparting knowledge of AI and I really found it great! The information provided on the page is so informative and so well organized that any beginner will grab the concepts easier. 

The page is intended to provide the world the knowledge of AI, which is a hottest and the most useful technology of the century. I had never thought that being accessible to such vast information is just a click away and the most important part- I don't have to go to several sites for learning different concepts when Google AI page contains information ranging from the simple AI benefits to the advanced concepts like Machine Learning and TensorFlow courses and the best part- they are completely free. I wrote this article because I found the page very useful for all of us.  

If you are a tech enthusiast and is already into the field of Artificial Intelligence and have a passion to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning then you must explore the page.

Google AI Page offers you:
The page offers you a wide range of knowledge ranging from stories, Research, Education, tools, and AI principles which are most prominent in the present time.

Highlighted course for me: TensorFlow for Everyone
The open source machine learning library, Tensorflow is used by every organization, today and learning TensorFlow has become the necessity of every machine learner. The page makes you dive deep within TensorFlow, elaborating about it and giving you the useful link of tensorFlow on Github containing informative and useful concepts of TensorFlow. 

Whether you are building models for mobile & IoT, Javascript, or in production, the page has provided elaborated and understandable tutorials for TensorFlow which are informative and detailed. The page gives a detailed approach to how AI can be applied for a social good guide and have several stories explained in it. Machine learning lectures with 40+ exercises, 25 lessons backed by real-world case studies are also provided on the platform that is very informative for any machine learner enthusiast.

Courses on Data Preparation, Problem Solving, Clustering, and recommendation system is too provided on the page which is very informative.

You must explore it today!

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