Recommended: Top 4 Popular YouTube Channels to Master Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 9, 2019 | 24084 Views

Do you find boring reading books? Well, if you do that I can really understand your agony on that part when there are a lot of concepts to learn and a lot of books available for those concepts. Developing a career in Data Science can be like cracking the hard nutshell for many but with the right resources you can successful in that. Books have always been considered the best resources on this regard to learn  from but in this fast changing digital world the definition of the best resources may go a little different. When there are a lot of online videos available over the net delivering the same concepts, it is time that you choose one and get stick to it. 

Learning from videos has a different flavor for understanding. Because we are humans and have more inclination towards visualization and interaction, learning from videos is the best thing that we can do to ourselves. I am not neglecting the role of books on this part, obviously books are the classic sources to consider but when it comes to faster learning in lesser time videos do well than books (What I have felt over recent years). For this regard I have come up here with the 4 most popular YouTube videos on Data Science to kick start off your career in Data Science. These videos are popular among the data science community and also a lot of learners have got benefited from that. So I am sure you are going to learn and build a lot of concepts from them.

Here goes my list of popular 10 YouTube videos in Data Science:
Data School
Founded by Kevin Markham, Data School will be your favorite YouTube channel for learning different concepts in Data Science. A range of tutorials based on Machine Learning, Pandas, Python, Scikit are provided in the channel that will make you smart enough when it comes to knowing useful concepts in Data Science. Whether you are a beginner with no knowledge or an advanced learner already having good skills the tutorials are meant for you. 

Do you know the difference between 'Git' and 'Github'? If no, than do explore "Data School" on YouTube today and start developing your skills in Data Science.

Statistics and Data Analysis are the key skills that every novice and experienced must possess in Data Science. The role of Statistics is large in Data Science and I have always explained the role of statistics in Data Science in my several articles before. If you are keen in developing your statistical skills and have good taste in reading and exploring books, than please read the article " Master Data Science with these top 5 Books of Statistics". The article has provided the list of top 5 books in Statistics which are very helpful for any learner in Data Science.
Talking about the YouTube channel of Josh Starmer, I would say the tutorials have segmented the hard concepts into an easy level of understanding in short videos which are very less time consuming and also very informative. Effective and interesting videos related to Regression, Central limit theorem,Binomial distribution etc., are explained so well with the help of clear cut examples in the tutorials that the learners will love the lectures.

If you are looking for something that won't only make you learn but also develop your interest in Data Science, than videos of Siraj Raval is your fixed destination. Videos related to sentiment analysis, Deep Learning, tensor Flow and a much more stuff related to Artificial Intelligence has been provided in the channel. It is interesting though to learn from this YouTube channel. A lot of concepts through interesting explanations are given by Siraj Raval in his videos that you will find most relevant for your career in Data Science.

If you are one who is finding a bunch of information on exploring Data Science, its concepts and the careers than the YouTube channel of Edureka will be the best to you. 85 videos covering topics from what a Data Science is to explaining the various positions in Data Science,  machine learning, support vector machines, Deep learning, python projects, Clustering and a lot more useful videos are explained so well in the channel that even with an individual with no background will get the complete idea of the whole structure of Data Science. Advanced concepts like Decision tree, Random Forest, Naive Bayes classifier are explained in detail in the tutorials for the advanced learners which demands some background in Data Science by you.

The above channels are good, relevant and effective. After a lot of research I have presented them before you. Please go and explore these videos today. "Learning is never hard, the need is for a good tutor."

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