Beginners must follow these steps to start a career in Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 8, 2019 | 12711 Views

Starting a career in Data Science can be intimidating but with the right decisions and right choices, a beginner can start a career in Data Science and soar to greater heights in the career. Below are some of the steps I advice every beginner should follow to successfully start a career in Data Science. Every beginner should watch these steps closely and follow them:

  • Clear Mindset of the Data science position you required to fit in

Data science is a vast career and the positions in the field often confuse the candidates. Often candidates are confused over which Data science position they fit in the best and have difficulty choosing one for them. Explore various positions in Data Science today and try to figure out which position suits you well. This is the first step you can do to start a career in Data Science.

  • Take online courses

Online courses will be really helpful to you while developing a career in Data Science. There are a bunch of online courses available online in the platforms like Coursera, Kaggle, Udacity. Most of these courses are free as well.  So you can easily refer to the best course for you and start honing your skills for a successful data science career.

  • Grab some certifications in your hand

Getting a certification is the best thing you can do while starting to develop a career in Data Science. These certifications will not only give you an additional benefit but will also improve your skills required to be a professional Data Scientist or analyst or any position you aspire in Data Science.

  • Interact with groups available on social media platforms like LinkedIn

Interaction is going to be a major part of your work in Data Science. Join the active groups in LinkedIn today and start having a conversation with your peers in the data science community. Being active in the Data Science community will enhance your interpersonal skills as well as build your conceptual understanding.

  • Work on your Technical Skills

Technical skills are the most needed for Data Science. Whether it is working with the programming language or working with the latest software like Hadoop and Spark you must have a strong hand in the requisite technical skills for a Data Science career. Start developing your technical skills today and be a more technology lover.

I hope the above points will help you in developing a successful career in Data Science. 

Source: HOB