6 Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence is helping Society

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 8, 2019 | 6558 Views

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is extraordinary in recent years with investments in implementing the technology rising to the sky.  Top businesses have already started to leverage benefits from it. Facebook, Google, Amazon-all are using Artificial Intelligence to render the best services and gaining the most ROIs. According to an IDC report, AI spending is expected to reach $46 billion by 2020 which can be clearly understood by seeing the expansion of the technology in recent years globally. The benefits of using AI are large and are not limited to specific domains. I may not be successful in putting out the unlimited benefits of AI before you, but with the help of this article I have carved out the 6 most amazing benefits of AI which is helping society.

The 6 amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence is helping Society and proving itself as one of the innovative technology humans have ever created are:

  • Freeing up humans for Productive tasks
Who has not experienced the benefits AI has provided in the work-life where a majority of the repeated tasks are done with the help of machines using AI technology. Repetitive tasks are the most boring to be done by productive humans. Also, productive time of the workforce gets wasted doing mundane tasks. But with the help of AI, these mundane tasks are now effectively being done by machines. Machines using AI are intelligent enough to remember the objects (in case of industrial robots) and are able to carry out a conversation with humans (in case of chatbots). 
The use of AI in doing repetitive tasks is adding productivity and also providing huge returns to businesses.

  • Prediction of Natural calamities
AI-driven machines and software are now being able to predict natural disasters. A recent study conducted by Google uses AI enabled the system to predict flood in flood-prone areas of India. These AI enabled system are more accurate as compared to the traditional methods of forecasting. The use of these AI enabled system in flood forecasting can reduce the losses of life and property, which are prominent at the time of the flood. Using machine learning algorithms climate changes problem could also be tackled when the prediction of the climate change is accurately known using machine learning algorithms and necessary steps are then taken in advance to prevent the harmful effects.  

  • Personalization of Online shopping system
With the help of AI recommender systems, online shopping is giving a more personalized experience to the users. With the help of AI, now customers are provided a recommendation of their favorite shopping items while purchasing online. So they do not have to search again and again on the platform.

  • Imparting Educating to the younger generation 
Education has always been a concern for the economy. But with the help of AI assistants can be developed providing education to the students in real time in the absence of teachers. These AI systems are so effective than the traditional methods of teaching that the students can learn, rate and give their feedback to the intelligent assistant. The feedbacks provided that can be considered for improving the education system.

  •  Assisting Digital Twin technology to make a better town planning
Digital twin technology may be newer for a few readers. Click here to know about.
With the help of AI in digital twin better town planning can be made when the real-time data of your town can be accessed and analyzed for solving the major problem like housing, crime, sanitation effectively.

  • Improving treatments in Medical Sector
With the help of AI-driven bots patients now can be prescribed with the right dosage in the absence of a Doctor as well. These AI bots can determine the sickness of the patient using real-time data and can provide prescribed medicines. This allows convenience and comfort to the patients and the hectic schedule of the doctor is also managed well. These smart bots can even manage the patient's appointment, so the forgetful patient also need not worry for his skip in appointments as well.

Source: HOB