Master Data Science with these Top 5 Books of Statistics

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 8, 2019 | 14184 Views

Statistics has always been an integral part of Data Science. Whether it is hypothesis testing, regression or Bayesian Statistics, it is required you develop a key understanding and mastery in the subject. Top companies look for the statistical skills in Data Scientists as one of the prominent skill and so it becomes furthermore important to learn statistics and develop key skills using statistical models. While there are many books and resources available online to provide you some concepts you need in Statistics, I have come here with the best 5 books that I personally have found useful for me and several of my peers in Data Science. I am pretty sure they will help you a lot.

Here is my list of best 5 Books on Statistics:

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50 Essential Concepts
The two most used concepts in Data Science
  1. Using Regression for predicting outcomes
  2. And Extracting Data from unlabeled methods using unsupervised learning
are explained to the learners in the most effective way by the book. Statistical methods that you will be required while working as a Data Scientist are provided in detail in the book. Having a good knowledge of R and some background in Statistics would be an added advantage for the learners while learning from this book. But it would be untrue say that learners who are complete beginners will not get anything from the book. The book is classic and is helpful to build some useful statistical concepts for all learners aspiring career in Data Science. 

Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers
Kudos! The book is readily available as a PDF to you. So you do not need to pay extra money for achieving a conceptual understanding of this amazing book. The book emphasizes the use of Statistics to explore large datasets. Topics including Means, Averages, Distributions, PMFs of Descriptive statistics; Cumulative distributive functions, Conditional Distribution, Continuous Distribution, Probability, Bayes theorem, Hypothesis testing are explained very well in the book. So you are going to develop the knowledge of a number of statistical concepts after reading the book.

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
The book is a much more practical approach to develop statistical concepts in you. With topics like Linear Regression, Resampling methods like Cross-validation and Bootstrap, Support vector machines and many of the important concepts and statistical methods that you will be requiring as a Data Scientist are presented and explained well in the book. Big Data problems and exploring Big datasets are the topmost requirement of the recruiters today due to the rise of the Big Data. The book will help you with that part. The book will help you in handling complex datasets.

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data 
The book will make you realize how Statistical tools are applied to the real data to answer the bigger questions. The book is meant for any learner who has some exposure to the programming languages, statistics, and mathematics. Statistical topics covered in the book are easy to grasp and useful for any Data Scientist. Mean, Median Mode, Regression is some useful statistical topics that are covered in the book with clarity.

Go through the book and build some Statistical concepts today!

Statistical Inference for Engineers and Data Scientists 
For any graduate who would like to build a career in Data Science and want to learn statistics, the book serves the best. The advanced concepts with the problems at the end of the chapters for testing the knowledge of the reader make the book the best learning guide for any learner. The book also links the statistical concepts to the real world applications which make the book further interesting for the readers.

A hand on Statistics is desired for every Data Scientist. The above books will take care of all your statistical concepts and you do not have to go to various platforms for that, I am sure on that part.
All the best for your future.

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