Cryptocurrency Platform Launched Liquid Pro Mobile App for its Crypto traders

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 8, 2019 | 6180 Views

Supporting multiple fiat currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, QASH and other digital assets is a cryptocurrency platform regulated in Japan which is designed to provide crypto traders the trading option and a platform to enhance their portfolios. The startup also provides financial services with the help of Blockchain technology which is a technology of the future generation. With an aim to provide its traders the facility to manage and execute their trades with their smartphones from anywhere, launched a mobile app called Liquid Pro for all its crypto traders.

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The app is available on all android and iOS devices from where users can easily download and install it from Google Play Store and App Store. A Different Version of the app for its Japan users in Japan is provided by the startup as Liquid Lite. 

Concerning the security part, the app ensures the security of its users using the biometric unlock feature that is provided by the app. Traders now can easily operate the app with their mobile devices and can manage and execute trades easily with no issue of security purposes. Users can even manage their portfolios with the single app of Liquid Pro, earlier for which they needed to visit the platform of

Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori said: "Liquid Pro was developed based on customer feedback from a broad cross-section of professional traders, who helped us identify what would be most important for them to have in a crypto trading app. Our market research highlighted a need for pro traders to be able to more effectively, conveniently make trades and manage positions while away from a computer Crypto traders today want to be able to take full control of their trades no matter where they are. This includes margin trading and being able to properly manage positions on a smartphone. Our product team worked tirelessly to build an app that would help enhance our customers‚?? trading experience, anytime, anywhere."

The move by the Leading Fintech company, the launch of Liquid Pro is indeed a relieving step for all the crypto traders and users. The app will provide much convenience to its users and make the process more personalized.  

Speaking about Blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is true that both of them has a long way to go ahead. It may be true that cryptocurrencies are facing a tough time in the present scenario when a number of countries have already banned the use of cryptocurrencies. But the technology has far-reaching effects and benefits for its users if tightened by some more laws. Blockchain is emerging as a game changer for many countries and countries are realizing the use of the technology in creating a powerful and efficient decentralized system, the use of cryptocurrencies can be made more strong with the help of some more laws. 

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