Heard About Digital Twin Technology? Here is a Detailed Explanation.

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 7, 2019 | 6801 Views

The idea about creating a twin of your expensive big machine and controlling the machine from anywhere without using the actual machine, diagnosing its defects and predicting the risks involved in it is something which we have always thought over in our mind. But with Digital twin technology it has been made possible. Thanks to technology and its vast benefits that it has imparted to the businesses in recent times. As though Digital twin has been into the picture since around 2000 (approx, maybe) but with the arrival of the Internet of things (IoT) it has gained much popularity. With the usage of IoT smart sensors in the real object provide real-time data to its digital twin and make it possible for the data analysts and engineers to analyze the data gathered from it. The analyzed data then could be used to handle the problems lying on the real object and then could come up with solutions for it. Before diving deep into what are the areas that are getting benefitted from this mind-blowing and mind-boggling technology, let us see what a digital twin technology actually is and how Gartner defines it.

What is Digital Twin technology?
The technology of creating a digital replica of a physical thing and then using the digital replica as a model to assess the original physical thing is Digital twin technology. As per Gartner, a digital twin is a software design pattern that represents a physical object with the objective of understanding the asset's state, responding to changes, improving business operations and adding value. Digital twin technology along with IOT and Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses to solve issues at the real-time without accessing the real object. The use of Digital twin is helping businesses in improving efficiency, lowering operational costs and in improving model which has given rise to its demand by every business operating today. 

Areas where Digital Twin technology is getting used:

Medical Sector
The digital replica of the severe patients' body or the affected part could be made using Digital twin technology and real-time analysis of the patients' body could be assessed by the doctors. The time of the patients could be saved to a greater amount when all their body conditions are well known to the doctor sitting at the hospital. Also, the Doctor could come up with more refined ways of treatment of the patient by practicing on the digital replica first.

Manufacturing Sector
The machines at the big manufacturing companies are often so expensive to deal with that a minute disturbance created while operating on them can cause severe damage. By creating a digital replica of these heavy machines operational costs are minimized when researchers and Engineers work on the digital simulation of the digital model and find ways to improve them operating only on the digital replica. The insights gained after that could be applied to the original machine. Thus, reducing operational costs at a higher level. These operational costs that the business cut here could then be used in some other part of improving the business. Thus achieving benefits from it.

Aerospace Sector
Risks involved in Aircraft could be heavily reduced when using ICT and Digital twin monitoring of the entire aircraft could be done. Any damage that is affecting the aircraft could easily be seen with the help of digital twin and major accidents could be avoided. The real-time monitoring of aircraft and airplanes could lead to safer better flights.

The amazing use of Digital twin could be seen in town planning. With the help of  Digital twin technology, a digital twin of your town could be made and can be analyzed by the respective teams sitting at the offices.  The problems faced by the town, the crimes happening at the places and all the major problems of the town could easily be monitored and controlled by using a Digital Twin. So helping in an effective town planning for your town.

The benefits of using the Digital twin is enormous and the need for its implementation has risen. It is time we understand the technology and see its amazing benefits. I hope the above article has helped you in doing that.

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