Google Duplex is all set ready to MAKE CALLS on Behalf of YOU. Where Are You?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 5, 2019 | 6150 Views

It was in last May 2018 at the Google I/O developers conference when Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google Duplex. Since then, Google has acquired much headlines from all around the world for creating a service to make AI driven calls to local businesses or restaurants for making appointments. With the help of Google Assistant, Google Duplex make calls to local businesses or restaurants on behalf of you for making appointments. Whether you are thinking of making an urgent appointment to a business or scheduling an appointment at a Salon, the smart AI call made by Google duplex resembles like a human call. The AI based (Artificial Intelligence) call uses natural language in a way and make the usage of the words like 'umm', 'hmm..' as a normal human use in the conversation so making the conversation a human thing. 

The normal human conversation often is unpredicatable and sometimes misses some words. Because we daily converse with each other so it is normal for us. But for a machine to understand on this part is difficult. This has been made possible by Google Duplex now when the AI call made by Google Duplex is intelligent enough to manage the conversation. Also it uses natural language in a way and make the usage of the words like 'umm', 'hmm..' that it sounds like a human counterpart holding the conversation. The service, after completing the call also gives a notification to the original user to inform whether the appointment is fixed or not. 

This service of Google is going to help businesses a lot in managing their "call-issue" which often fatigues businesses to schedule and make number of appointments back to back. It requires time and involves energy to make countless appointments. But now with the help of Google Duplex now businesses got relieved a lot. 

It would be wrong to say that only businesses will get benefited from the service rendered by Google Duplex when the service is also able t make an appointment with your favorite salon or a restaurant. Here is a brief conversation taken from the conference held by Google CEO Sundar Pichai showcasing the smart conversation made by the Google Duplex. You can jump to the video which I have mentioned below. For your time sake I have mentioned the conversation made by the AI- Assistant for you. Have a look at this intelligent and a much similar to like human conversation made by the assistant where the person in the Restaurant was not able to identify the assistant as took it like a human conversing from the other end. Just have a look!

Restaurant: "Hi, may I help you?"
AI Assistant: "Hi, I'd like to reserve a table for Wednesday, the 7th."
Restaurant: "For seven people?"
AI Assistant: "It's for four people"
Restaurant: "Four people? When? Today? Tonight?"
AI Assistant: "Next Wednesday, at 6 pm"
Restaurant: " Actually, we reserve for upwards of five people."
                       "For Four people, you can come"
AI Assistant: "How long is the wait usually to be seated?"
Restaurant: "For when? Tomorrow? or Weekend?"
AI Assistant: "For next Wednesday, the 7th"
Restaurant: "Oh no. it's not too busy. You can come for four people. okay?"
AI Assistant: Oh, I gotcha. Thanks."
Restaurant: "Yep. Bye-Bye."

To Listen to the above conversation watch the following YouTube video.

The service of Google Duplex was earlier available to Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL mobile phones but now it has been made available to some android mobiles having newer versions as well. U.S is the prominent country to use the service according to some sources.

Google has always stood at the expectations of its customers. The latest technologies used by the company in delivering more personalized experience to its users is really applaudable and we hope to expect more from it. 

Source: HOB