Recommended: The ONE Online Resource that EVERY LEARNER in Data Science MUST FOLLOW

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 4, 2019 | 16917 Views

The sexiest Job of 21st century- Data Science also stood out as the best job in America for 2019 according to Glassdoor. While the popularity of Data Science can easily be inferred from this report of Glassdoor, the increased number of openings for Data Science today is the direct thing to notice regarding the popularity of the field. As the popularity of the Data Science has grown over years so the online platforms releasing their new courses every day about Data Science. For a learner today it is more a confusion than a blessing to step into the online world to build some useful concepts. The need for a trusted and comprehensible source is the need of the hour indeed. As a learner in Data Science I also faced huge difficulty in deciding out the best online resource for me. It was frustrating at the starting and there were times when amid confusions I gave up. But by regular motivation and deep desire to become a Data Scientist, I tried back and forth and cleared the most difficult thing for myself - " I was successful chosing the best online resource to learn Data Science" and when I had taken benefits from that one resource I am feeling blessed to share you my most important gem for Data Science. I am sure this resource will help you a lot in cracking down the basics in the field and will develop the required interest in the field. While this may not hold true for everyone in the field but it worked out for me and so I am sharing you my best online resource which helped me a lot in learning Data Science and that is KAGGLE.

An online community of Data Scientists and Machine Learners, Kaggle is the one platform that you must join as a learner in Data Science. It provided me with the useful insights that I always required to develop while learning Data Science.

Here are the top reasons why I insist you to join Kaggle today:

  • Kaggle provide you a platform to interact with other Data Scientists in the community. I mean this is awesome, right! When I get a chance to share my problems and challenges with the ones who are already in the field and have relevant expertise it becomes more a productive experience to learn. Learning from other Data Scientists in the field not only helps me to not do the mistakes that are already done but also gives me an insight to develop the required skills. When information comes from a trusted source it become a boon and this is what happens when I get a chance to interact with the experts in the field.

  • Not only I get a chance to interact with the experts but I get a chance to observe and learn from the other learners in Data Science community in a platform like Kaggle. When I see other learners in the field doing great I get a motivation to make myself more better at work.

  • Often we do not realise working alone the big competition lying in the market. We become bound to a comfort zone of doing things. Multiple better solutions that can come collaborating with others do not exist alone. So it is always advisable to join a community that rejuvenate your skills everyday. And by Joining Kaggle you do that! Competitions are held at the platform. Participants came up with the best solutions and algorithms for the problem. As a member you will come with your own unique solution and algorithm and you will always learn something whether you win or lose. Your mind will open itself to new horizons with these competitions.

  • Courses to enhance your knowledge in Machine Learning, Python, Data Visualization, Deep Learning are offered by the platform which are easy to grasp by any beginner and advanced learner and are also free. So you do not have to invest your money as well for learning. The courses are short, easy and effective to learn.

  • Apart from providing you a helping hand to learn and build concepts in Data Science, Kaggle also has a Jobs Board for you. You can access the top Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics and analytics jobs in the platform. So you do not have to worry regarding your job part as well.

  • Kaggle allows you to share Data-sets, explore models and build models of your own in the platform. So it is like one tree imparting you with so many fruits at a  time.

Source: HOB