How can I make an impressive Data Science CV

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 3, 2019 | 25743 Views

Making an impressive CV is the first step to be selected for an interview process at your desired company but presenting a bad CV in front of your recruiters might also reject you from your dream job. A CV is the first thing that you present to the potential employers and chances are there that if you present a well-defined CV depicting all your qualities and skills effectively you are selected in the first round of meeting face to face with your recruiter. This article is written with an intention to provide you a detailed approach of how to effectively design your CV for a Data Science job. So go through the article carefully and jot down the main ideas to get you selected for your next interview.

Aim and Objective
This part of your CV should clearly mention your aim and objective as a data scientist or a data analyst whichever position you are applying for. The part should clearly mention your long terms target that you have set for yourself while aspiring a career in Data Science.

This is the most important part of your CV that you need to project carefully. Do write all your skills that you have gathered over time which is relevant for a Data Science role. Apart from mentioning your skill-set in bullet points do write how you used them in the past to achieve successful results. This will not only give your recruiter a fair view of your skills but also will prove yourself as a potential candidate.

Mention your experiences right from your latest experience in Data Science. While writing down your experiences do write your major roles and responsibilities in the past jobs and show how did those roles and responsibilities prove helpful in your previous organization.

Do not forget to include this part in your CV whether you are a beginner or an experienced. Write down all the certifications that you have acquired over time in Data Science.

Projects Undertaken
Your Recruiter is always keen to look at this part. He wants to know about the projects that you have undertaken in the past and how did you perform in those projects. Writing down a detailed explanation of the various works that you have done while undertaking your data science project not only define the skills that you have acquired while working on your project but will also make you an experienced one in handling complex project work. 

How can you add value to the organization if selected
This is the creative point that you can add in your CV while preparing one. This not only sets you a little apart from the ordinary candidates but will also impress your recruiter that you are someone who thinks out of the box and is really interested in adding value to the organization.

Educational Qualification
After writing all your experiences, skill sets, certifications and project mention this part. This part is only going to proving your eligibility for the job, so do not jump on this part at the beginning. Mention this part after all prioritizing all other more important things than this part.

  • While preparing your CV for your dream job never write on it like- " I possess this quality or that quality". Always give solid proof of how your one particular quality proved a milestone to the organization and how did it help others in the organization.

  • Try to make your CV concise but include all the desired and relevant part.

  • Avoid any errors in your CV.  This gives a bad impression to the recruiter. Check your CV twice before presenting before your recruiter.

  • Present the best version of yourself on the CV. This is the first impression in front of the recruiters. Make it large.

I hope the above article will help you in reaching to your dream job. All the Best!

Source: HOB