What is the Difference between Image Processing and Computer Vision

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 2, 2019 | 20877 Views

Computer Vision is one of the frequently used terms in the present time with so many applications of computer vision we can see around us. The amazing self-driving cars which are catching everyone's attention today are too running with the technology of computer vision. So it becomes necessary to know the term clearly and not confuse it with any other like Image Processing which many people confuse it with. This article will describe you the differences that the two terms carry so that you will never take Image Processing and Computer Vision same.

Also, View this YouTube video: The following Youtube video depicting the Differences between Image Processing and Computer Vision will clear some of your doubts regarding the topic. The detailed differences are explained in the present article.

Humans are able to see the world around him with the amazing visual system that God has provided to them. But this not holds for a computer system too. A computer system or a machine does not possess the visual system in it to see the objects around itself and its ability to detect and differentiate objects around itself is obviously zero. As technology is evolving and machines are becoming smarter it has become necessary to provide machines with a visual system that will enable them to identify images and objects around it. Computer Vision is the required technology which is used to achieve this milestone.  

With the help of a computer- vision machines are provided and embedded with a system that allows it to identify images around it. With the help of Computer Vision now self-driving cars have developed which can run on the road without encountering with an accident. They can detect the objects in the road with the help of Computer Vision. Whether it is a tree, a block, a man walking on the road or any other object these cars can effectively understand what the objects are and drive on the road like a human operating the car. In short, Computer Vision is the vision of the machines. They are like the eye by which a machine interprets its outside world. Image processing is a different concept from computer vision in the way that Image processing is the processing of the input image to produce the desired output image.

You must have changed pixels, contrast, dimensions or any other thing while using a digital image. This is image processing. With the help of Image Processing the desired digital image of required pixels, color, contrast is produced. Image processing allows a computer system to modify images and make certain changes. The aim and objective behind an image processing are to improve the image to the desired criteria while computer vision is the technology by which computers can actually identify images around it.

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