Artificial Intelligence can help tackle Climate Change Problem

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 1, 2019 | 6957 Views

Climate change has been the major problem of the Globe with every country being worried of the unexpected changes in climate. The melting of Glaciers, rise in the overall temperature of globe, increase in the level of pollution are all the big issues that the world is facing today. Technology is biggest game changer of the present time and the need for its involvement in tackling the climate problems is the biggest expectancy. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has provided so much to the humankind that we should be grateful for. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in diagnosis of diseases, fraud detection in Financial sector, smart learning in Education sector and intelligent Robots in Manufacturing sector is already providing the best assistance to humans. Now its usage in tackling Climate change problem is the biggest hope for every country which is struggling from the the alarming effects of climate.

Using Machine Learning algorithms large data-sets on weather could be effectively analysed and accurate forecasts could be done related to the climate of future. Conventional methods of predicting the bigger climate problems that the world could see in the future are not accurate as compared with these Machine Learning algorithms. The recent use of Artificial Intelligence by Google on predicting floods in the flood prone areas of India were accurate as compared to the conventional methods of predicting floods. The report clearly showed how the accurate and timely forecasts were done by using Artificial Intelligence and the results were amazing. Similarly the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in predicting future weather and climate problems seems far accurate than using any other method.

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Accurate predictions and forecasts are very important in dealing with these nature problems. With the help of accurate predictions a country can take the immediate and desired steps in combating those issue and accordingly could contribute to a safer globe which is the need of the hour. This is all possible through using advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The need for government initiatives on this respect is important. No technology can serve as a boon to the society unless properly executed by the government agenda. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the priority that every government should realize and measurable actions should be taken on this respect. Awareness campaigns on the role of technology in tackling the major issues should be the topic of every classroom today.

Source: HOB