Here is How Uber Uses Machine Learning to fix Riding problems

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 26, 2019 | 6642 Views

Getting a ride to the destination from Uber has reduced the anxiety and worry of getting late to the work. Uber does not only provide us the riding service but a quick riding service backed by excellent customer service. But how does Uber manages to cater to the demands of its growing customers and how does it offer its services so excellently that the existing customers are retained and the new customers get added with each coming day? The answer is simple! It is Machine Learning. Machine Learning is the technology behind Uber delivering its services to the best of its potential.

Getting a ride in peak hours is important. The waiting time is less. It becomes critically important for Uber to deliver its cab services to the customers as the customers are also getting late for the work and a short delay might lose the important customers from Uber. Uber takes care of its customers b delivering fast services in the peak hours by using data gathered from its every ride and using Machine learning algorithms to decide which of the areas has the greater demand and consequently making its drivers available more in that zone. Similarly, the fares are also decided by Uber after observing the data gathered to help it get to know which of the rides are typically very important. Thus, increasing the fares accordingly.

You are taking your ride from Uber, getting late for your office and your driver takes you through an area where the traffic congestion is a problem. Was that ride worth it? Obviously No! Getting a cab within 2 minutes is awesome but getting caught in traffic then after for 1 hour will screw all things. But thanks to Machine learning algorithms that Uber uses in its latest technologies that the driver now is able to predict which of the areas are congested and which alternative ways could be taken to avoid the late arrivals. With the help of these Machine learning algorithms, the best possible way to the destination is predicted and the customer is reached at the best short time as possible.

Riding through Uber is not possible for everyone when the fares are comparatively higher than the other means of Public transport. It was a good initiative by Uber when car Pooling is also a service offered by Uber. With the help of Uber pool now population from weaker sections could also use the cab facility. But how do the passengers are dropped at their destinations when there are more than 3 passengers at a time. This is also a work that gets easily solved by Machine Learning. With the help of ML algorithms, the drivers are assisted in deciding which passenger to be dropped earlier and which one to be later.
Indeed Machine Learning is making our rides possible. It was just a glimpse of how technology is helping us daily without even making us realize that it is doing something which should be credited from deep of our hearts.

Source: HOB