Develop your LinkedIn Profile today and get hired as a Data Scientist!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 26, 2019 | 7356 Views

There was a time when having a well-updated Resume and application was enough to get you hired at your desired company. But now as social media is in the trend and LinkedIn has arrived, we have moved into a different scenario. Recruiters look for more in your Social profiles after taking your resume for approval and when the case is of a Data Scientist it becomes a necessity to check whether you are good at making networks or not. Because after all, Communication is the key aspect of a Data Scientist role.  Any Big company that you will apply today will look for your updated profile on LinkedIn, this is for sure! And it is true that a well-updated profile impresses recruiters.  

There are many ways by which you can showcase yourself the best on LinkedIn and brand yourself in a way that the Big tech companies hire you to the lucrative incentives. The prominent ways by which you can stand among the potential candidates and brand yourself for your upcoming Data Scientist job are explained below and must be closely looked by you:

Take an active part in Discussions
There are many Data Scientist groups in LinkedIn you can join and can take an active part in group discussions. It improves your communication and at the same time connects you to a larger audience.  Also, communication is the key asset of any Data Scientist. You should have a flair in telling your ideas to the people and this is what these groups will provide you apart from growing your network and enriching your knowledge.

Write Technical posts of your own
This is the best that you can do to yourself when active on LinkedIn. Technical posts that you share are visible to the Recruiters and create a meaningful impression on them. Your posts tell a lot about your knowledge and skill set which in turn will get you to the desired position as per your capabilities.

Add all your Projects and Brand yourself
Detailing your projects will be the best idea to make realize your recruiter that you have already done a lot many things in the field to be selected as the future Data Scientist. The projects you add should be clearly mentioned and elaborated in a way that depicts the best you have done as a Data Scientist or of a similar role in the past.

A Recent Profile Picture
This is the first and the foremost thing that you can do to your LinkedIn account. Upload your recent profile picture and make it public. Profiles having updated profile picture catches the recruiter attention. 

Follow and Add relevant people of your Field
Indeed a good number of connections tells about your activeness and availability on the platform but having the right set of audience and connections will only be fruitful for you at least here (unlike any other social media). The platform is meant to brand you as the top contender in acquiring Job. So only the relevant and meaningful will work for you here.

Source: HOB