Artificial Intelligence in Flood Forecasting is helping Humanity

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 25, 2019 | 10041 Views

Floods are inevitable, but with timely alerts, their effects can be minimized. There are a number of people who die every year due to devastating floods, the number of people becomes homeless and a number of people die due to lack of proper help after a flood. The lack of timely alerts has always been an issue concerning it. Delay in alerts in flood prone areas is the biggest loophole of an economy. Conventional systems run a little low in forecasting floods at the right time so that proper actions could be taken before any disaster. But, using Artificial Intelligence this problem can be solved with AI enabled systems that Forecast Flood with greater accuracy.

Google is using AI enabled systems to forecasts flood in India where a majority of such incidents occur and a loss of life and property takes place due to which. "To help improve awareness of impending floods, we're using AI and significant computational power to create better forecasting models that predict when and where floods will occur and incorporating that information into Google Public Alerts. A variety of elements-from historical events, to river level readings, to the terrain and elevation of a specific area-feed into our models. From there, we generate maps and run up to hundreds of thousands of simulations in each location. With this information, we've created river flood forecasting models that can more accurately predict not only when and where a flood might occur, but the severity of the event as well."- A report by Google.

Further to this "We started these flood forecasting efforts in India, where 20 percent of global flood-related fatalities occur. We are partnering with India's Central Water Commission to get the data we need to roll out early flood warnings, starting with the Patna region, The first alert went out earlier this month after heavy rains in the region." as per the report.

Using AI systems in Flood forecasts leads to greater results with forecasts becoming more accurate and too timely. Timely and accurate forecasts with the help of AI systems will not only save millions of important lives but also personal property.  For any country to grow economically natural disasters need to be handled carefully and AI can be the best tool to handle these disasters.

Source: HOB