4 Applications of IoT where it is doing the Best

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 25, 2019 | 8049 Views

IoT (Internet of Things) has been in the top discussions nowadays with businesses trying to use the technology in the majority of the areas to create value and revenue. IoT has contributed to making the world a 'Smart World'. There are a number of areas where the technology is doing the best with the top 4 which are also the most prominent are discussed below:
Smart Home
Smart homes are the best applications of IoT with creating homes which are not just homes but Smart homes! With the Internet of Things, appliances in the home are getting connected with each other, sharing information with each other in real time. So I don't need to worry if I forget to turn off my AC and lights now because now I can turn them off even when I have left home. I can cool my room even before reaching home at night and do not have to worry about the eatables kept in the refrigerator (if my refrigerator has been put off mistakenly). This has all become possible with the help of IoT. With IoT, I feel like I have my home with me wherever I go.

Wearables were only meant to wear when IoT was not been into the picture but since IoT has arrived wearables are developed capable of taking the information like Pulse rate, blood pressure I don't have to necessarily go to the doctor again and again for checking my blood pressure when my smart wearable can detect it with the help of some sensors in it. I am able to detect my health issue with smart wearable now and be cautioned enough. Similarly, smartwatches have been developed which not only shows time but also gives the information as calories burnt, temperature, etc.
Connected Cars
Connected cars are yet another powerful application of IoT. A connected car will give the best entertainment to its passengers, drive them to the best possible route to the destination and if running out of fuel take them to the nearest filling station from the best route. A connected car will estimate the exact time that will be required to reach the destination, caution you about the traffic areas and will share information with others if the car occurred with a break. Connected cars are the best cars to travel with.

Smart City
With IoT, the concept of Smart cities has gained much attraction among the think tank and the government.  Problems like Traffic congestion, wastewater management, public transportation which are the problems of every city are to be solved by IoT now. Indeed IoT can help a lot in achieving the developmental plans of any nation.

Source: HOB