Impossible made Possible-Artificial Intelligence can predict Premature Death

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 17, 2019 | 7008 Views

Indeed Artificial Intelligence has reached its zenith. There was a time when even diagnosis was a difficult task and now by using Artificial Intelligence 'Predicting death' is even possible. A group of Scientists used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to predict premature death taking the data of the middle-aged population. The study was published by PLOS ONE in an edition of "Machine Learning in Health and Biomedicine". Computers which are capable of teaching themselves to predict premature death could greatly improve preventative healthcare in the future, the report said.

Leading the work, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Data Science, Dr. Stephen Weng, said: "Preventative healthcare is a growing priority in the fight against serious diseases so we have been working for a number of years to improve the accuracy of computerized health risk assessment in the general population. Most applications focus on a single disease area but predicting death due to several different disease outcomes is highly complex, especially given environmental and individual factors that may affect them.
"We have taken a major step forward in this field by developing a unique and holistic approach to predicting a person's risk of premature death, by machine learning," said Dr. Stephen Weng. 

The study found the algorithms and AI predictions more accurate than the standard prediction models developed by a human expert. This clearly implies how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can serve a revolution in Healthcare. Already Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are providing a lot of assistance to healthcare industry whether it is predicting the chronic diseases and helping the doctors to come out with more reformed decisions or assisting patients with the Virtual assistant like Siri and Alexa. 

Virtual assistant using machine learning algorithms are giving the personal assistance to the patients in terms of the daily assistance they provide by alerting the patient for appointments, timely medicine dosage, and prescriptions to the assistance given by bots to insomniac patients by talking them on sleepless nights like a family member.
Predicting immature death using AI and ML is the best which technology can provide to the healthcare sector. Using these predictions scientists and researchers can come up with more effective measures to improve the mortality rate which is further going to improve health conditions.

While it was just a step by the scientists to unlock the potential of AI and ML in healthcare, there is a lot to expect in the future in the ways these technologies can give a lot to the healthcare. 

Source: HOB