Will Automation take over the job of Data Scientists in Future?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 17, 2019 | 10992 Views

A recent report from Gartner predicts that 40% of Data Science tasks will become automated by 2020. "With Data Science continuing to emerge as a powerful differentiator across industries, almost every data and analytics software platform vendor is now focussed on making simplification a top goal through the automation of various tasks, such as data integration and model building." This leads to a bigger question- "If there will be no jobs of Data Scientist jobs in the future?" and "Whether Automation will take over the jobs of Data Scientists in Future? There are top discussions on the topic among business professionals and aspiring Data Scientists and the answer is somewhat clear- "No".  Automation cannot take over the jobs of Future Data Scientists.

It is true that Businesses are more tilted towards adopting Machine learning technologies which are able to show us the output by feeding input. Machine Learning technologies are getting developed doing works of Data collection, Data mining and generating patterns out of Big Data. This was the task that used to be done by Data Scientists till now. With upcoming technologies, these tasks will not require a Data Scientist to work on. Automation will do most of the things. But this doesnâ??t imply that the future of Data Scientists is dark when there is a lot of other work also done by a Data Scientist. Instead, tasks like Data Collecting, Data Mining and generating patterns are the tasks which are not productive and take a lot of important time will be done by Machines. 

Automation, if we will deeply analyze will make the works of Data Scientists quite productive and will profit the Businesses. Works like finding useful insights out of the patterns given after automation, finding solutions to business problems, collaborating with teams, presenting and explaining insights to the other team and non-technical members are the works that cannot be done by Machines. Involvement of humans will be required in that. 

Machines are machines. They can be used to the best to comfort humans, make complex tasks easier but when it comes to some tasks they are handled only by humans. Collaborating, working with teams, key discussions are some of the things that cannot be done by Machines. Human intervention is required in that. Automation will only make the work easier and cut long useless hours spent on Data Cleansing for Data Scientist but will not replace Data Scientist all over.

Data Science is a field that is growing and will continue to grow. We are living in a Big Data world and Data Science is the must field required in that. According to a recent report by Glassdoor Data Scientist topped the best 50 jobs in America for the fourth year in a row. A complete article is written on that. You must read the full article to know the rankings of various jobs in America.

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