This Smart Feature of Gmail uses Machine Learning to Suggest Subject Line- E-mail Drafting became Easy

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 16, 2019 | 13158 Views

Google executed it's another superb idea by introducing 'Smart Compose' feature in Gmail. The feature was introduced as Google's attempt to "cut down on the effort it takes for you to write e-mails and replies", the report said. "After you type up the body of your email, 'Smart Compose' may suggest a subject for the email based on its content, for example, a 'Happy Birthday!' subject suggestion for an email to a friend about making birthday plans." The report further added.

The feature is excellent! Already Gmail's 'Smart Compose' feature is helping the user in drafting the body of e-mail by suggesting lines and words. This new feature will increase more easiness from the user's perspective.

It is frustrating to think and write the subject line after drafting the body of the email. Often the emails are of business type and it takes attention to think over the subject line and type it. When emails are to be sent to such a large business people and Grammar is also an important thing to concentrate on a smart feature like this helps a lot to save time. These smart features in Gmail use Machine learning which is of major importance in present times.

The Smart replies are another feature in Gmail which helps the user to reply instantly in a second by the suggested replies given by Gmail. 'Smart Replies' and 'Smart Compose' are indeed the best products that Google has given to its customers. This is the reason also why Google stands as one of the leading companies today.

Source: HOB