Recent Technology: Tracking acts as a major tool in Safety! How?

By ridhigrg |Email | Apr 15, 2019 | 5997 Views

Tracking is a necessary tool in the technology-driven world. Every individual some or the other time may have the need to track. Be it the kids, pets, phone, car keys, wallet, weight loss, Marcos, even steps when walking. The revolutionary science behind these systems has made it possible to keep try of valuable items that many did not know they could.

So nowadays, devices of tracking are automatic and scanning is really fast and your item will be located. So here are some tricks which will tell you some major tools used for tracking.

GPS tracking
So, GPS is a well-known tool which we usually use in our daily lives. How did that person get from point A to point B with the device in their hand, watch, or car? Simple, GPS tracking. This has been a widely used tracking system for years now. Always in a reinvention cycle because of the satellite tracking that we have orbiting in space. We get instantaneous results after putting in an address. Can't find a restaurant nearby, GPS it. Now how does this help with valuable items? 

The place where you are moving is being tracked through the global sim card which you have in your device. Another thing with GPS is can track vehicles. Once placed on a car, you have a visual of where it is headed. This can be useful if you are tracking a delivery or a ride, or if your car was just stolen.

Bluetooth is another incredible design for tracking. Bluetooth has become a popular use for tracking. It's not just for connecting items together such as those wireless headphones to the laptop. Bluetooth low energy is amazing because the low energy that is being consumed allows for the battery life of our devices to last up to a year without needing a recharge.

This is not the standard laptop Bluetooth here. Other valuables include items such as luggage, keys, wallet, purse, and pets. But how? Simple, a tracker tag is placed on those items and connects with the device of your choice. The tracker does work best when you are 20 to 50 feet from the item you are tracking.

Microchips are more so implants that can be placed invaluable items. Of course, one does not want to think that they have a chip in them and are being tracked by someone, but there are times when you need to do just that. You have a beloved pet who likes to roam away from the house at times or an elderly family member who has dementia and wonders off. The same implant can be placed in items such as pets or people. 

A neat, but a little frightening idea is placing a chip in your hand that contains all of your banking information and payment methods so that you don't have to worry about tracking your wallet or purse. The chip is equipped to free you of those items. Of course, if the app is too much, the company that implanted the chip can locate the person or pet. But do understand that they can not be easily removed.

So ending upon this it is noted that tracking valuables makes sense. Tracking technology can be used for Security, safety, or for items that fuel our income.

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