5 Applications of Deep Learning That You Must Know

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 8, 2019 | 12288 Views

Inspired by the natural neurons that exist in the human brain to carry out the thought process and enables us to sense, recognize and any of the work that requires a thought Artificial Neural Networks were developed with an intention to make machines behave in the same intelligible way. Learning makes humans grow and deep learning from artificial Neural networks helps a machine to behave more intelligent and perform complex tasks. Deep Learning has already given so much to us with its wide applications in many fields. 

Here, we are going to discuss its amazing 5 applications that every learner must know. Let's begin exploring these amazing areas.

Virtual Assistants and chatbots
Whether its Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri or your Google Assistant virtual Assistants use Deep Learning to do your tasks. They understand your language and answer your queries. Using Google assistant to do searches without typing seems an easy task now. Also, Chatbots are used by major of the companies today to help them increase their customer satisfaction and are in high demands by the businesses. Chatbots assisting customer 24 hours helps companies provide their customers with a valuable service.

Self Driving Cars
The idea of driverless cars had not been a reality if deep learning would not have been into the picture. The driverless cars which learn to drive through places, identifying the objects that come before them, stopping if a human comes before it is definitely a masterpiece. Self Driving cars are in the headlines in recent times.

Facial Recognition Systems
Facial Recognition Systems are very helpful for security reasons where it has become possible to recognize faces with the help of technology. With its usage in Social Media, tourism and many of the areas where identifying an image is important, Facial Recognition Systems are used. With deep learning techniques developing such intelligent to perform these complex tasks have become easier.

With Deep Learning Algorithms it has become possible for machines to know the user behavior and interests and target advertisements based on that. Companies collect user's data and with the help of deep learning algorithms know the user's behavior and project those adds which seems relevant to the user. The targeted advertisements are a great source of revenue for businesses because the possibility that the user clicks on these advertisements is more as they match to their interests.

Recommender Systems
The recommender systems used by online retailers suggesting articles to customers based on their interests and past purchases are done with the help of Deep Learning algorithms. These recommender systems use customer's data and identify his/her interests and suggest articles of the same type for shopping. This gives a personalized experience to the customers and generates revenue to the company.

These were a few Deep Learning applications which have become so important in recent times. However, there are many more applications of Deep Learning which are used for a variety of purposes like in healthcare for better treatment, colorization and many more.

Source: HOB