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By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 5, 2019 | 11886 Views

LinkedIn is a very good place for the professionals to gather, connect with others, share ideas and network. If you are in a Data Science or predictive analytics space, or if you are seeking for additional insights and what all industries are talking about, for all these LinkedIn professional groups are a great place to start. So here we have listed down various groups, you can join and learn which software tools the experts are using in their daily operations.

Advanced Analytics and Data Science:
Advanced Analytics and Data Science provide a resource for those who want to learn about and use these capabilities and meet other people involved with predictive analytics, statistics, machine learning, and big data. Share your ideas with other professionals and learn how to apply the latest tools and methods to solve your most important business challenges.

Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, and Data Science:
This is a group for data mining and statistical professionals who wish to expand their network of people and share ideas. Methodological issues are fair game, as well as discussion of software (SAS, R, WEKA, etc), technology (Hadoop, relational databases, etc) conferences, and job postings. Please note that job postings should only be submitted in the Jobs space, while advertising of services should only be submitted in the Promotions space.

Data Warehouse, Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud, Data Science, ETL:
This is a group for people to connect with other professionals involved with data warehousing, big data, Hadoop, cloud computing, and data science. It also encompasses other concepts like ETL tools, databases, business intelligence, coding languages like R and Python and MDM. The group openly welcomes job recruiters as well, making it an interesting place for prospects to build their network.

Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling & Statistical Analyses Professionals Group:
This group's members are technology professionals with a common foundation of advanced quantitative education and experience in areas of advanced analytics, statistical modeling, data mining, and quantitative analyses. Group moderators encourage networking, collaboration and sharing career opportunities.

Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Professionals, DataScience.US:
This group's purpose is to gather all the data science, big data, machine learning, AI and business intelligence professionals in the United States and abroad to share professional experience and consulting advice. DataScience.US is building the world's largest data professionals community and showcasing the latest trends in the space.

Research Methods and Data Science:
This LinkedIn forum is for researchers, analysts and practitioners to discuss research methodology, data science, research flow management, research process standardization, research automation, and augmentation, as well as research competency assessment and certification. This network is specially devoted to discussing how working with AI can improve research.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science:
The purpose of this professional group is to inform and to discuss different topics and tips from user-to-user and to create a global network of people already using or interested in using analytics. This group deals with Big Data, Data Mining, Statistics, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Hadoop, Cloud Analytics, Web Analytics, and Text Mining.

Data Scientists:
This group aims to solve problems and create products for the scientific research community, providing assistance in enabling best practices in research, increasing performance of new applications and data services, and decreasing the effort required in adopting new technologies.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence:
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence feature a strong community of members that represent a variety of domains, verticals, and industries in the space of big data and analytics. They disseminate their learnings through announcements, group discussions, and postings. The group was developed with a vision to be the most active platform for networking, information sharing, and education.

KDnuggets Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data, AI:
This is a group for data analytics, data mining, and data science professionals and researchers who are interested in solving real-world problems. As part of the KDnuggets network, the forum is backed by a popular Twitter account and bi-weekly email list. The forum has 18,000 members currently and remains active and engaging, with its users regularly posting some of the most informative content of any of the groups on this list.

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