Facial Recognition system used in Schools of China to analyze students' emotions

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 5, 2019 | 10185 Views

China has always been an enthusiast while using technology and the latest innovation. The Facial Recognition system in China to monitor students' emotions in real time and analyze their behavior in class was amazing. The Facial Recognition system in Hangzhou, China analyzed the students' emotions in the recent past by analyzing whether the student is feeling happy, sad, angry, surprised, or afraid in the classroom. The Facial Recognition system after analyzing stores this data and helped the teachers and the researchers know the behaviors of students in the classroom to make the classroom more effective. 

Artificial Intelligence since its advent has always been dreamt of revolutionizing every sector to create miraculous changes in the economy. While there are many applications of AI in every sector, using it in the Education sector is always desired. After all the growth of an economy depends on the building blocks of the society- the children. 

Predicting students' emotions and behavior in the classroom help the teachers know whether their teachings are interesting or boring to the students. It also gives an insight whether a particular course is liked by the students or not and if the majority of students are finding it boring than it gives an idea to the teachers to introduce new courses and make the existing ones interesting to make students learn the most.

The Facial Recognition system can also help teachers track the attendance of students and can save a lot of time doing it manually. At the time of exams, surveillance becomes the most important thing which can be done accurately with the help of these Facial Recognition systems. Analyzing the behaviors of many students by a single teacher becomes very difficult during exams which can be solved by this intelligent system.

The actual results are unknown of how effectively the system worked for China but yes it must be said that the use of technology is amazing and the potential it has of getting the effective results in school is awesome. Greater productivity will come out of schools with the help of these intelligent systems. Discipline, which is the key factor and the most discussed factor in school discussion meetings can be improved with these systems when every emotion of the students are got analyzed and if any student found doing unlawful behind back can easily be caught and apprehended.

There are many views about using such facial recognition systems in schools but looking from my own perspective Facial Recognition or any of the applications of Artificial Intelligence, using it in the Education sector can improve the productivity of the teachers and as well as the students. What is your perspective in this regard?

Source: HOB