Being An Intern for Data Science Will Take You To Heights

By ridhigrg |Email | Apr 5, 2019 | 6645 Views

When you look for an internship there are multiple pieces of advice which you get from different people. People usually do not give much importance to data science internship but many talks about landing into this internship. 

So if you are willing to go for an internship in data science, just don't hold your hands and go, be prepared as it is not that easy, you just have to put efforts to make your future and face challenges too. 

Even for experienced people internships are a very effective way to break into data science. We have now seen so many successful transitions enabled by internships.
Here are some tips which will complete your journey in data science in the most effective way. 

1. Getting Familiar with the Basic Data Science Terminology
Firstly, you would need to know what machine learning is? Its the beginning of your career or internship. 
There are several roles in data science, you need to look at them and make sure you are aware of the terminologies in this field.
For working in the beginning you need to know what it is and how will you work. Is it because you love programming, math, statistics and the opportunities they offer? Or are you going with the flow since Data Science and Machine Learning are currently trending?

2. Start your Data Science Journey
So you have decided to take the plunge. You want to become a data scientist and nothing can stop you. So this the most top field in the industry, it is good to make a career in it. 

For landing in data science, an internship is must and it will give you a guide for your career. They offer you a chance to get industry experience while working with experienced veterans. For enhancing your professional career, this internship will shape you in many ways. 
3. Build your Digital Portfolio
For learning these concepts, you have already worked hard, but till the time you do not showcase it, there is no point in having any skills. 

Statistics, programming and machine learning alone will likely not land you that internship. Digital presence is a must in it. The skills which are acquired by you should be demonstrated and showcased and let the world know about your potential.   

4. Do's and Dont's for Crafting your Data Science Resume
Your resume is essentially your professional careers highlight reel. Its the first thing the recruiter/hiring manager looks at so crafting the perfect resume is absolutely critical in your quest to get an internship.

Even if you possess every skill listed in an internships requirements section, there is a good chance you might not get the interview call if your resume is not up to the mark.

You must absolutely, spend a good amount of time on creating and perfecting your resume.

So what are some key things to keep in mind while doing this?

Make sure your resume is up to date and does not have any spelling mistakes. Check it twice, perhaps even thrice. Make your colleague or friend review it from a recruiters perspective.

5. Prepare for your Data Science Internship Interview
The biggest challenge in getting a data science internship is undoubtedly the interview process. Given that you don't have previous work experience in this field, what aspects of your resume will the recruiter look at? What skills should you demonstrate in your resume and in the actual interview?

Big questions! Knowing how to navigate these tricky waters could make or break your chances of getting the internship.

You have to mention in the projects you have experience in and are currently working on. Apart from all this, there will be multiple questions which the interviewer will ask you. 

6. Boost your Chances of Selection
The pointers we have seen so far can safely be shelved under the MUST HAVE category. You simply can't make do without ensuring you check each one of them. But you can further enhance your existing skill set to stand out from the competition. And who doesn't want to do that?!

In this section, I have drawn on my own internship experience to give you a few additional tips and tricks to boost your chances of getting selected.

Source: HOB