Keep your Data secure with these 5 bullet points

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 4, 2019 | 6879 Views

The Facebook privacy scandal left us shocked and asking the bigger question of security of our data online. With social media in our daily lifestyle- putting each of our favorite photos online, sharing our beautiful lovely memories with the world and revealing much about ourselves to the unknown leaves a possibility to be caught by the hackers. Our Google accounts are always carrying useful and private information about us which if anybody would come to know could leave us in a state of empty-handed anytime. It is time to be safe in the online world when we do everything to make us safe in the real world.

Just like there are always the precautions in the real world that we take to be safer there are precautions too in the digital world to be safe and keep you away from the hackers and malicious programmers who are always looking for a chance to take everything away from your private account. There is a lack of awareness among people for these security tactics which must be followed by every person linked to the digital world today from a normal person to have only Gmail and facebook account to a person doing business online and having lots of private accounts created online.

Below are some of the points that you must keep in mind to keep your data securely online:

Never Share your Passwords and OTP
Passwords are like the keys to your home. Never share it with an unknown person. Never do it! It is risky. Your private information lies at your account. Keep it confidential. An unknown might take away your personal information from there and could use it for his benefits. Save from that situation.

Keep your Passwords Strong and Different for different accounts
Strong passwords are hard to break like the strong keys at your main door. Keep your password strong by including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and characters in it and try not to make it simple like abc@123. Make it a bit complicated but remembered by you. Also, keep passwords different for different platforms. Do not try to do the simple thing by keeping the same password for every of your account on different platforms. Password broken on one platform might lead to being broken in other platforms too. Save yourself from that situation.

2-Step Verification
Always opt for a 2-step verification for your Google account or any of your account. A 2-Step Verification will enable to save your account with both your number and your password. So even if your password is with an unknown a 2-Step Verification will alert you through an OTP or some text for unauthorized access. It will secure your account. I also use 2-Step Verification for my google account and it always reminds me of unauthorized access. Thus keeps my account secure.

Malicious websites
Do not download anything from malicious websites. Downloading from malicious websites can cause all of your personal data to be stolen. Keep your device safe by downloading only from safer websites. Check the URL if you find any suspicious in the website.
Backup your Data
It is always recommended to backup your data and store it on a drive or a safer place from where you can easily get back it at the time of losing your data. Even if your data is lost and you are left empty-handed your Backup will help you survive in that worst situation.

Source: HOB