Google celebrates the 15th Year of Gmail on 1st April and Bullet Some Traits

By ridhigrg |Email | Apr 4, 2019 | 8130 Views

Today is the 15th birthday of Gmail, if we remember on April 1, 2004, Google announces free email services on this day. It is declared by the Press release that Google gets the message, for the Gmail launching. 

Everything has changed now from the past. So now there is a certain enhancement that is: Google is going to start making emails look and feel more like webpage experiences with dynamic, interactive content.

Meanwhile, it seems that Google finally, at the ripe old age of 15, is releasing a feature that users have wanted for quite a while now. We first told you back in July that Google is apparently close to adding an official scheduler to Gmail, a revelation that came via a few lines of code found in a tear down of the then-latest Gmail app APK.

Additionally, the feature will also let you cancel the delayed message at any time, if you want, before its sent. At that point, the email will return to "draft" status. Google confirmed the news on Monday, and the new feature is already beginning to roll out.

So there are multiple features which are expanded In Gmail which save sth users from typing such words which are commonly used like greetings while composing their messages. But now, Smart Compose is being made available in four new languages  French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Smart Compose is also getting more smarts, Gmail product lead Jacob Bank said in a blog post. For example, it can now adapt to the way specific users write, helping them stay true to their own voice. If a user typically starts a message with a friendly "Hey team," Smart Compose will recognize this and offer that option to help save time whenever a new message is begun. Smart Compose will also now suggest subject lines based on the body of the text in each message.

Time is the other feature which is involved with Gmail. So earlier we use to press Send after the message is composed but now the added feature says that Gmail provides us the option of time for delivering each Gmail. The mail is being scheduled and delivered at the exact time.
Google wants to make it easier to respect everyone's digital wellbeing, so we're adding a new feature to Gmail that allows you to choose when an email should be sent.

The last new feature pertains to those who use Googles other productivity tools, such as Calendar or Google Docs. Now, it's possible to take actions quickly within an email, such as by responding to a comment thread in Google Docs, schedule meetings or respond to questionnaires.

This makes it easier to stay focused on the task at hand since you won't has to open a new tab or leave your inbox, Bank said. We're also making it possible for info within an email to be kept up to date, so the content is always accurate no matter when you look at it.

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