My simple ways to pace career in Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 1, 2019 | 7911 Views

With so many career opportunities, a number of vacant vacancies and obviously a bright career ahead Data Science is the most sought after career by many of the graduates and postgraduates today. While its always very easy to opt for a career it becomes difficult to continue when things do not fall in our way as we think them to fall. Motivation seems to fall with rising failures and change of career is an option which most of the candidates do amidst all the hard situations. 

Getting into Data Science and becoming a Data Scientist requires you to be a key game player in an organization. A key game player here I mean the key person whose decisions are going to affect the overall decision making of the organization. If you are the one who is finding useful insights for an organization, finding out the best possible ways to create an impactful growth for your organization, a mistake in your insights will take the entire boat of your organization in a wrong way missing out the actual target. 

Try to understand the role you are going for. I have seen aspirants desiring to become Data Scientists without actually having the required knowledge of the set of skills they require to become a Data Scientist. In fact, most of the candidates remain unaware of the fact that the role of a Data Scientist depends most on the organization he is working on. Some skill sets are specific to a particular organization and the candidate must know of these. Knowing your desired company will clear many of your things. Try to become a Data Scientist. Analyze the role of the Data Scientist in the company you want to work in. Have a thorough understanding of the company's profile, its products, and services and most importantly what skills it is looking for in the candidate. 

Important! You must be having a strong command at your Mathematics, Statistics, Programming Languages like R and Python, Hadoop or Spark (some organization uses this software) and must be excellent working with Data.
Any aspirant going for a role (in fact any role) must be having the innate qualities required for that role. A writer should be creative and imaginative, A Leader should have a flair in influencing minds by his excellent communication, A mathematician should be perfect with his numbers. Likewise, for a Data Scientist, you need to behave like a Data Scientist. Thinking in a way which drives curiosity and passion to work with Data.

Never try to change your career in between even if things are not going your way. If you get fail even in your three consecutive interviews don't be disheartened and don't look for an easy option. If you have a desire to become a Data Scientist but going through these failures at present try to be positive and firm at your decision. Learn from each of your failures. Research the questions that made you fail in your last interview and slowly and gradually rise above the surface.

Last but not the least in terms of the areas I have focussed in this article, look for the online courses, certifications, and Internships! Get certifications in Data Science or apply for an Internship to carve out the best from you. 
If you are a little struggling financially to go for the online courses read free provided materials in Data Science. Explore more and more. The more ideas you gain through various trusted platforms (I say trusted because you should rely on genuine sources) opens your mind and make you think in a broader sense.

Source: HOB