Important Points to keep in mind while building a Chatbot

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 1, 2019 | 5748 Views

So, are you thinking of building a chatbot for your company? Are you thinking of a bot to enhance your customer's experience? Do you want to promote your services? If yes, you have landed over to the right article then. This article will provide you some points that you must keep in mind while building a Chatbot. 

I assume you must be aware of what a chatbot is. For those who are a beginner with chatbots lets brief down a little about it:
A Chatbot is a computer program that carries out a conversation in place of a human to do the same through text or speech. To understand it clearly think of the customer service calls that you must have made at some of the other points in your life. Chatbots are widely used there but do have applications in other areas as well.

If you are on a project to build a chatbot for your company then there are some points that you must keep in mind before going to work on it directly. Some points which I personally feel and have considered from several other platforms are briefed below. Kindly have a look at each of them.

  • The purpose behind building Chatbot
Try to analyze what your organization's goal is behind building the Chatbot. Every organization has some of the other reason behind using Chatbots. Some use it for branding about their products, some do it for answering queries while some think of using chatbots for customer service calls. Try to look at the purpose of your organization and then work accordingly for building it. Chatbots made for customer service have a different approach towards handling customer queries, chatbots branding about your company's products have a different approach in telling the customers your products and services. 

  • Think from your Customer's perspective
Try to read the mindset of your customers of what could run in their minds or what queries they could have in coming across your company's products and services and build your chatbot in such a way that it appeals most to your customers and the assistance they are looking for. Try to provide a Customer friendly conversation to your customers and treat them in a way that they enjoy the services provided by your Chatbot.

  • Include Greetings and Regrets
Chatbots are the computer programs that are used by your company in place of a human to perform the same work. Make it in a way that a general conversation like between two humans is felt by your customer. Include Greetings for the customer so that they would feel pleasure hearing your chatbot and include regrets at the time of misfunction because after all the chatbot is also a program which can go wrong some times. 

  • Do not make it boring and confused
Try not to make the conversation a confused or boring for your customers. Get a sense of clarity in your chatbot so that the customer gets a clear understanding of all his queries or doubts. It will make a lasting impression on your customers and will effectively target your audience.

Source: HOB