Do you know that 31st March is known as World Backup Day?

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Defend yourself and your business
From the data that keeps your business moving to the personal information you share and store online, your devices hold the files, images, music, and conversations that matter most.

In fact, the average American now spends more than 11 hours a day with digital devices. You rely on these devices every day. Are you keeping them and the information they hold safe?

Protect what matters most in your digital life this World Backup Day.

What is Backup?
A full image backup is a complete second copy of all of the data stored on a device like your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It captures everything from your emails and videos to your apps and preferences. By storing this second copy separately from the original, everything on your device that matters to you is safe and accessible in the event of accidental deletion, system crash, or malware attack.

Why everyone needs protection?
At work and at home, your devices store irreplaceable information. Unfortunately, it's very easy and very costly to lose this data.

How businesses suffer from data loss?
  • 60% of businesses fail within six months of losing their data because of a disaster
  • 40% cease operations within one year of a critical IT failure
  • 93% file for bankruptcy within 12 months if blocked from their data for 10+ days
  • 44% of companies ravaged by a fire fail to ever reopen

Five Steps to Back up
Know what matters
To protect what matters, you need to know what matters. If you performed a full image backup recently you may only need to create a backup of the changes made since then. 

Choose a destination
Your backup needs to be securely stored somewhere so you can access it later, whether it's on a USB, an external hard drive, a NAS, or in the cloud. With Acronis, this choice is as simple as selecting your preferred storage destination and clicking Back up now.

Safety as easy as 3, 2, 1 
Having a backup is important, but what if your backup file gets lost or damaged? For the most comprehensive protection, maintain multiple backups stored in multiple locations.

Ideally three backup copies, stored in two separate formats, with at least one isolated from the original and local backup files. Cloud storage offers a convenient offsite option.

Automate and relax
Regularly backing up your devices is important, but it's probably not at the top of your todo list. That is ok! Acronis solutions allow you to schedule automatic backups of any data to any destination so you can be confident that your most important information is protected at all times.

Confirm you are covered
Mistakes happen, but backup validation can help prevent them. If an error occurs during the backup process or if the backed up data was incomplete or corrupt, your recovery won't be reliable.

Source: HOB